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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br />Wednesday, April 20, 2011 <br />Clive City Hall, Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> <br />Call to order: Commission Chairman Tom Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:43 PM. <br />Members Present: Anne Keating, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Tom Murphy, Kim Peter, Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: Chuck Kuba <br />Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager <br /> <br />Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Upon a motion made by Shanks and seconded by Peter, the agenda <br />and minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> <br />Announcement from the Chair- None. <br /> <br />Citizen Presentation- None. <br /> <br />Budget Review- <br />McQuillen presented the Commission with an updated budget in a new format that ties funds to capital <br />projects. Before the PAAC funds were in the City’s General Fund. PAAC funds will now be divided into <br />three Funds: the Black Diamond/Shuler Capital Fund; the Art Along the Trail Capital Fund; and a Public <br />Art Maintenance Trust. Additional Funds may be created or closed as projects are completed and new <br />projects are started. <br /> <br />The Commission discussed the Public Art Maintenance Trust. Under the Master Plan, 10% of the budget <br />for a public art project should be assigned to a fund for future maintenance for the artwork. This trust <br />th <br />fund will be established with $9,750 to reflect the amount set aside for the 86 Street Crossing Project <br />artwork, Prairie Engine and the Shuler Black Diamond artwork. McQuillen showed an example of the <br />artist’s conservation record provided by one of the artists as to how the artwork should be maintained <br />in the future. The PAAC will need to establish a maintenance plan following these conservation records <br />for the artwork so it is maintained in accordance with the artists’ recommendations. Levine informed <br />the Commissioners that Art Center employees do freelance artwork conservation if the City needs <br />special assistance with any special maintenance issues. <br /> <br />The Commission next discussed the Black Diamond Shuler Capital Fund Summary. The 2010-2011 Actual <br />budget shows the PAAC has $51,244 in this account; however, given some outstanding commitments <br />such as the second installment to the Shuler artists and expenses related to the Shuler site plan, the <br />amount of uncommitted funds is estimated at $5,219. <br /> <br />The Commission also discussed the Art Along the Trail Capital Fund Summary. The fund will have $6,000 <br />from a Bravo grant for operating expenses. This money can be used for such things as artists’ stipends <br />but it cannot be used to acquire the actual artwork. Since we will not be using this money until next <br />year to pay artists’ stipends, it was agreed that we would not be able to apply for any additional Bravo <br />funds until next year. In the future, the City will apply for a Bravo operating grant on an annual basis to <br />help fund the artists’ stipends for Art Along the Trail. <br /> <br />Project Updates- <br />Black Diamond-Shuler Public Art Memorial <br />McQuillen gave the Commission an update on the project. Originally, Confluence proposed a $49,000 <br />budget for site work in connection with the Black Diamond project. Given the Commission’s available <br /> <br />