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more than 25% of its value on the date of its assessment. Said <br /> assessment may include a ten percent Default and Deficiency <br /> Fund, as authorized by Section 384.44, City Code of Iowa. <br /> A plat and schedule and estimate of costs are now on file <br /> in the office of the Clerk as required by law. <br /> Any difference between the amount which is derived from <br /> cash payments made by property owners during the thirty day <br /> collection period and the sale of Improvement Bonds issued <br /> against assessments on benefited properties and the total cost <br /> • of the improvements, shall he paid for from the proceeds <br /> derived from the issuance and sale of bonds as authorized by <br /> Section 384.25, City Code of Iowa, and /or from such other funds <br /> of said Municipality as may be legally used for such purpose. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Council meet at <br /> o'clock / /.M., on the //' day of %� -!' , 1986, in <br /> the Council Chambers, City Hall, 8505 Boulevard, for <br /> the purpose of hearing property owners subject to assessment <br /> and interested parties for or against the improvement, its <br /> cost, the assessment, or the boundaries of the district. <br /> Unless a property owner files objections with the Clerk at the <br /> time of the hearing on this Resolution, he shall he deemed to <br /> have waived all objections pertaining to the regularity of the <br /> proceedings and the legality of using special assessment proce- <br /> dure. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk is hereby instructed <br /> to cause notice to be published and mailed as required by law <br /> of the pendency of this resolution and of the time and place of <br /> hearing objections thereto, and to the said preliminary plans <br /> and specifications, estimate of costs and to the making of said <br /> improvements; said Notice to he in substantially the following <br /> form: <br /> - 11 - <br />