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SIOO28 <br /> MU IA Iowa Department of Transportation <br /> 10.84 <br /> 1_ Highway Division Ames, Iowa 50010 <br /> Application to Perform Work Within State Highway Right of Way <br /> Permit Number <br /> County Polk <br /> Project Clive Travel Plaza <br /> Applicant: <br /> Marbella and Company, Repr. Mr. Harold Panciera, Jr. <br /> Name of Individual or Company <br /> Haversham Corners, Westerly, Rhode Island, 02891, Ph. 401/322 - 0363 <br /> Address <br /> Approval is hereby requested to enter within the state highway right of way and to do grading � <br /> n�gand build or modify drainage <br /> structures incidental Grade Proposed l ned drainage is the I rom e wa it and ur N thru h t h e e aoanddone lows: <br /> ra adal <br /> e a e ne a lnage nage sw a e rom nu u <br /> railroad embankment to transmit flow along the West side of 1 -35 & 8U <br /> directly to Walnut Creek. The construction to include a gabion drop <br /> structure, new culvert for railroad embankment, and seeding. <br /> 32 79 Range 25 on Highway No. I—�5 & 80 , at the <br /> The proposed work is located in Sec. 3 Twp. g Miles <br /> SW. Corner of the I -35 & 80 intersection with Hwy. No. 6 in Clive, Iowa. <br /> rom <br /> Direction Place, Town, Etc. <br /> From Station 405 + 65 to Station 409 + 50 on the West <br /> Side <br /> AGREEMENTS <br /> The applicant agrees that if granted a permit to do said work the following stipulations shall govern. <br /> 1. The applicant shall take all reasonable precautions during construction and future maintenance to protect and safeguard the lives <br /> and property of the traveling public and shall save the State and the Iowa Department of Transportation harmless of any damage or <br /> losses that may be sustained by the traveling public on account of such construction or maintenance operations. <br /> 2. The applicant shall hold the State and the Iowa Department of Transportation harmless of any damage that may result to said <br /> highway because of the construction or maintenance of the facility, and shall reimburse the State or the Iowa Department of • <br /> Transportation for any expenditures that the State of Iowa or the Department of Transportation may have to make on said highway on <br /> account of said applicant's construction. <br /> 3. The applicant, and his contractors, shall carry on construction and maintenance with serious regard to the safety of the public. <br /> Traffic protection shall be in accordance with Part VI of the current Iowa Department of Transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic <br /> Control Devices for Streets and Highways. The Department will loan the required signs to the applicant who shall be responsible for <br /> placing the signs and covering or removing when not in use. Flagging operations are the responsibility of the applicant. The applicant <br /> shall return the signs upon completion of the construction operation. <br /> 4. The applicant shall seed and mulch all disturbed areas within the highway right of way and shall be responsible for the vegetative <br /> cover until it becomes well established. Any surfaced areas such as driveways or shoulders and sodded waterways and plantings which <br /> are disturbed shall be restored to their original condition. • <br /> 5. If the proposed work results in a pool of water on the applicant's property, this pool of water will be exclusively owned, controlled, <br /> and maintained by the applicant. That part of the modification located on highway right of way will be maintained by the Iowa <br /> Department of Transportation for road purposes only. <br /> 6. The applicant shall maintain any drainage structure built within the right of way that is built for the benefit of the applicant and <br /> not necessary for highway use. <br /> 7. This permit is subject to any laws now in effect or any laws which may be hereafter enacted and all applicable rules and regulations <br /> of local, state and federal agencies. <br /> 8. This permit is subject to all the rules and regulations of the Iowa Department of Transportation, and to revocation by the Iowa <br /> S epartment of Transportation at any time and at no cost to the Department, whet in the judgment of the Department it is necessary in <br /> e improvement or maintenance of the highway or for other reasonable cause. <br />