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Document A <br /> Resolution <br /> RESOLUTION NO. f6. <br /> / <br /> RESOLUTION ENDORSING THE N.W. 114TH STREET RELOCATION <br /> PROJECT FOR THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA, CERTIFYING THE <br /> IMMEDIATE NON - SPECULATIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CREATION <br /> AND RETENTION OF JOB EMPLOYMENT, APPROVING AND STATEMENT <br /> INDICATING THAT IMMEDIATE RISE PROGRAM COMMITMENT IS <br /> NECESSARY, AND APPROVING THE N.W. 114TH STREET <br /> • RELOCATION PROJECT AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR AND CITY <br /> CLERK TO EXECUTE THE SAME ON BEHALF OF THE CITY OF <br /> CLIVE, IOWA <br /> WHEREAS, there exists a moratorium prohibiting development in <br /> the area known as the N.W. 114th Street Corridor in Clive, Iowa <br /> which should remain in place until provisions and methods for the <br /> relocation of the N.W. 114th Street arterial are established; and <br /> WHEREAS, the CITY OF CLIVE desires that the moratorium be <br /> rescinded to allow development to occur along N.W. 114th Street for <br /> the creation and retention of jobs within the CITY OF CLIVE and <br /> State of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, it has been certified by prospective developers that <br /> immediate non - speculative opportunities exist for permanent job <br /> creation and retention within the N.W. 114th Corridor and the CITY <br /> has been and is currently negotiating with the following specific <br /> developers; <br /> Max Holmes, Holmes Oldsmobile /Honda <br /> Frank Cownie, Cownie Furs <br /> Ron Burns, Great American Holding Corporation <br /> Ken Kaplan, Microware Systems Corporation <br /> AND WHEREAS, an immediate RISE Program commitment is necessary <br /> to institute the construction of the proposed N.W. 114TH STREET <br /> RELOCATION PROJECT because (i) other funding sources cannot be <br /> found, (ii) the funding commitment is necessary for economic <br /> expansion and the creation of employment opportunities, (iii) the <br /> funding commitment will benefit regional economics by lifting the <br /> current moratorium, (iv) the funding commitment is necessary for <br /> the financial stability of certain employers of the area, (v) the <br /> financial commitment is necessary to allow the expansion of <br /> buildings and structures along N.W. 114th Street; and <br /> WHEREAS, should RISE funding commitment not be obtained for <br /> instituting the N.W. 114TH STREET RELOCATION PROJECT, the project <br /> will not occur as a result of the magnitude of the project and the <br /> budget limitations of the CITY OF CLIVE, Iowa; and <br /> 411 <br />