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L 00i cA , Q4& introduced the following <br /> Resolution titled "RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR <br /> SALE OF $1,700 000.0 G NERAL OBLIGATION BONDS," and moved its <br /> adoption. l tpJ.- j ,t,o,, conded the motion to adopt. The <br /> roll was called and the votes, <br /> AYES : pm <br /> 44et G)014 /slat; J4 gliweatc. <br /> • <br /> NAYS: (LQ • kaa: 1 1 g ii <br /> Whereupon, the Mayor declared the resolution duly adopted <br /> as follows: RQSoItd i o, No • EC <br /> RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE ADVERTISEMENT <br /> FOR SALE OF $1,700,000.00 GENERAL <br /> OBLIGATION BONDS <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Clive, Iowa, is in need of funds to <br /> pay costs of constructing and equipping a new Municipal <br /> Building (to be used as a City Hall, including Council <br /> Chambers, Police Department and Fire Station), and constructing <br /> and equipping a Public Works Equipment Storage Facility <br /> Building, a general corporate purpose project, and it is <br /> deemed necessary and advisable that the City issue General <br /> Obligation Bonds for said purpose to the amount of <br /> $1,700,000.00, as authorized by Section 384.26 of the City Code <br /> of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, this Council, pursuant to Section 384.26 of the <br /> City Code of Iowa, did legally call a special City election, <br /> fixing the time and place thereof and did legally submit to the <br /> qualified electors of said City the proposition of issuing <br /> General Obligation Bonds in an amount not exceeding <br /> $1,700,000.00 for the purpose of providing funds to pay costs <br /> of the above described general corporate purpose project, and <br /> did give legal sufficient and timely notice of the election and <br /> the time, place and purpose thereof; and that said special City <br /> election was duly and legally held and conducted on March 12, <br /> 1985, all in strict compliance with the law and the orders of <br /> said Council and the County Commissioner of Elections, and the <br /> affirmative vote on said proposition was equal to more than 60% <br /> of the total vote cast for and against said proposition and <br /> said proposition was declared duly adopted: <br /> - 18 - <br /> • AHLERS, COONEY, DORWEILER, HAYNIE, SMITH & ALLBEE, LAWYERS, DES MOINES. IOWA <br />