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f? 0L6 vtid S' <br /> R E S O L U T I O N <br /> WHEREAS, the Year 2000 Street and Highway Plan for the Des Moines <br /> g Y <br /> Urbanized Area has been developed cooperatively by the Cities of Altoona, <br /> Clive, Des Moines, Johnston, Pleasant Hill, Urbandale, West Des Moines and <br /> Windsor Heights; and Polk County; and <br /> 411 WHEREAS, the Des Moines Area Transportation Planning Committee, <br /> w hich includes representatives from the above local governments, has <br /> approved the Plan; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Planning Committee has conducted a public hearing to <br /> receive citizen comments on the Plan; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Plan may be amended at any time to reflect changes in the <br /> area's transportation needs; and <br /> WHEREAS, the (City /Getraty) of CJ AUJL has reviewed the <br /> Plan improvements within the City /Ca ty of ( <br /> u <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the (City /Cety) of <br /> CALLA— that: <br /> The City /Cetsy of approves the Ye 20,00 Street and <br /> Highway Plan improvements within the City /Ccwwty of <br /> Passed and approved on adklk l 1 J , <br /> ATTEST: (City /Ceey of) <br /> t A . <br /> (Clerk/ or (Mayor /C ''_n <br /> ill/ <br /> o <br />