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RESOLUTION NO. 42,4)4 <br /> • RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF CLIVE <br /> • WHEREAS, the City of Clive has and is presently participating <br /> with other local governments as a member of the Integrated <br /> Community Area in the development of recommended waste treatment <br /> and sewer improvements to meet the area's existing and future <br /> needs; and <br /> WHEREAS, the adopted waste treatment facility plan for the <br /> Integrated Community Area recommends waste treatment and sewer <br /> improvements with an estimated capital cost of over $2,000,000.00; <br /> and <br /> • WHEREAS, the federal waste treatment construction grants <br /> program presently provides for grant funding of 75 percent of the <br /> costs of eligible improvements; and <br /> WHEREAS, on a per capita basis, the Integrated Community Area <br /> has not yet received an equitable share of the total federal funds <br /> awarded or to be awarded in the State of Iowa; and <br /> WHEREAS, the local governments in the Integrated Community Area <br /> • and the State of Iowa have identified this metropolitan need as <br /> having severe water quality problems and waste treatment <br /> improvement needs; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Environmental Quality Commission held a public <br /> hearing on August 16, 1982, at which time the Commission discussed <br /> the following issues: <br /> 1. Whether projects should continue to be funded at 75% of <br /> the allowable costs or whether the grant percentage should <br /> be reduced to 55 %; <br /> 2. Whether the allowable costs of qualifying sewer work <br /> should be funded concurrent with or subsequent to <br /> treatment works funding or whether funding those costs <br /> should be permitted prior to treatment works funding; <br /> 3. Whether, with the exception of communities having a <br /> population of 3,500 or less who otherwise qualify for <br /> small community alternative reserve funds, innovative and <br /> alternative (I /A) funding should be limited to projects on <br /> .• the fundable list or whether replacement of projects on <br /> the fundable list should be permitted to make use of the <br /> I/A reserve; <br /> 4. Whether failed I/A projects should be provided 100% <br /> replacement funding or whether they should not be <br /> replaced; <br /> 5. Whether or not a reserve of 5% of the State's annual <br /> allotment should be established for obligation to <br /> unsewered communities with health hazard conditions; <br /> • 6. Whether a proposal that projects receiving grant funds <br /> cannot have a contract completion date that exceeds 2 <br /> years should be adopted; <br />