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<br /> <br /> <br />1 <br />Clive City Council Meeting <br />Regular Session/Work Session <br />Thursday, July 7, 2011 <br /> <br />The regular meeting of the Clive City Council was held Thursday, July 7, 2011 at Clive City Hall at <br />7:00 p.m. Mayor Cirksena presided and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Council members <br />present were: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Weaver. Absent: None. <br /> <br /> with a change to the amount of item 4e. to $10,094.50, <br />Edwards moved to approve the agenda, <br />and the removal of item 4f., Pay Request #3 to Grove Masonry, <br />seconded by Klein. Roll Call: <br /> <br />Ayes: Brody, Edwards, Klein, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Zane Blessum, 2501 Westown Parkway, Ste 1001 West Des Moines, representing Bar 2060, <br />asked for clarification on why his clients were notified that they are not able to have a teen night. <br />Kenji Nakata, Bar 2060 owner, stated that he met with Chief Cox last week and was given the go <br />ahead to proceed with a teen event at his establishment. Mayor Cirksena indicated that the <br />ordinance stands as is prohibiting no minors in bars unless over 50% of the dollar venue is from <br />the sale and serving of prepared food unless it is a private event. With the present situation at Bar <br />2060, they would not comply and are unable to hold a teen night as proposed. <br /> <br />st <br />Brent Wilcox, 1628 NW 91, spoke to the Council concerning the mosquito problem in his <br />neighborhood. <br /> <br />th <br />Craig Erickson, 1601 48 St., West Des Moines, gave an update on Chamber activities and <br />events for the month. <br /> <br />Resolutions <br />Edwards moved to approve the consent items and those contained therein <br />seconded by Brody. 4a. Minutes dated 6-30-11; 4b. Bill List dated 7-1-11; 4c. Approve Class C <br />Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal – Cool Basil, 8801 University Ave, Suite 22; 4d. Approve <br />Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal – Applebee’s, 11410 Forest; 4e. Approve Pay <br />Request #5 – Septagon Construction Co. Inc.– Professional Services – DPSC Paving & <br />Retaining Wall Project – $10,094.50; 4g. Approve Pay Request #2 – Jordison Construction – <br />Concrete – DPSC Paving & Retaining Wall Project – $7770.05; 4h. Approve Pay Request #9 – <br />Sternquist Construction, Inc. – University Blvd Phase III Improvement Project – $11,271.45; 4i. <br />Approve Pay Request #5 – Jensen Construction Company – University Blvd Bridge Widening <br />th <br />Project – $207,547.18; 4j. Approve Pay Request #1 – Baker & Associates – 118 St Water Valve <br />Resolution No. 2011-205 <br />Project – $85,075.35; 4k. Accepting Work – Baker & Associates – <br />th <br />Resolution No. 2011-206 <br />118 St Water Valve Project; 4l. authorizing City Clerk to file lien for <br />th <br />Resolution No. 2011-207 <br />nuisance abatement/mowing – Polk County – 1328 NW 120 St.; 4m. <br /> – <br />accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete Walnut Creek Hills of Clive, Plat 5 – 4498 NW <br />th <br />Resolution No. 2011-208 – <br />165 St; 4n. accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete <br /> Resolution No. 2011-209 <br />Verona Hills, Plat 1 – 16951 Aurora Ct; 4oapproving revisions to the <br />Personnel Policy Manual FY 11/12 regarding overtime pay. Roll Call: Ayes: Brody, Edwards, <br />Klein, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Charles Conrad, 1362 Bayhill Court, told the Council that he has no objection to the townhome <br />rate proposal, but is concerned as to whether or not it will be a fair and equitable rate in the <br />future. <br /> <br />Ordinance No. 949 <br />Edwards introduced and moved that the rule requiring that an ordinance be <br />considered and voted on for passage at two council meetings prior to this meeting be suspended <br />Ordinance No. 949, <br />with respect to seconded by Weaver. Roll Call: Ayes: Brody, Edwards, <br />Klein, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Ordinance No. 949 <br />Edwards moved that , AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CLIVE CITY <br />CODE 2008, BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO COMMERCIAL IRRIGATION <br /> <br />