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RESOLUTION NO. fT_S <br /> RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR TENTATIVE APPROVAL OF CONTRACT <br /> FOR THE DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND DELIVERY OF AN <br /> AUTOMOTIVE FIRE APPARATUS <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to resolution of the Clive City Council dated <br /> December 1, 1983, the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department soli- <br /> cited proposals for the design, construction and delivery of an <br /> Automotive Fire Apparatus from at least five qualified manufactur- <br /> ers; and <br /> WHEREAS, the following proposals were received, opened and <br /> inspected and tabulated by the City Manager: <br /> Name And Address oi Party <br /> Making the gzoposal Amount of Proposal <br /> (See attachment prepared by City Manager) <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council having considered said proposals and <br /> the recommendations of the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department, <br /> the City Manager and City staff desires to take action on said <br /> proposals. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF CLIVE, IOWA: n <br /> 0 <br /> 1. ghat the r osal of ,Sca.ia,l, t Qua 1 :. , � � . _ <br /> C <br /> of a z. � 21Tu A, rY\ o.. in the sum of $ Y� .O'7 <br /> for the design, construction and delivery of an Automotive Fire <br /> Apparatus in and for the City as described in the specifica- <br /> tions adopted by this Council on December 1, 1983, be and is <br /> hereby tentatively approved as being the lowest responsible <br /> proposal received; however, such proposal appears to contain <br /> language which may be inconsistent with the specifications for <br /> said Automotive Fire Apparatus as approved and adopted by the <br /> City in several minor respects, which inconsisten s�should be <br /> � <br /> clarified with ....:._ �, : � !. !�.'. '___ � .� .�k �. .. - . , , d� - • io � <br /> o this <br /> Council awarding the co tract anti, t 'ere y ore, final approval <br /> and acceptance of the proposal is subject to and shall not be <br /> deemed effective until such inconsistencies are clarified to <br /> the satisfaction of this Council. <br /> 2. That the proposals of all parties who have presented pro- <br /> posals to the City for an Automotive Fire Apparatus, exc p oa,a5��,c <br /> h <br /> su propos., presented by .� ,Q.&ko R4Yt .�� Qat, ka ctu . <br /> 1r-. ?.L�.� dr -r�.� s ruc f)1 © • which has herein ben expressly <br /> t enta t ively approved by the Council, be and the same are hereby <br /> rejected and the City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed <br /> to release to the respective parties the bonds presented there- <br /> • with as security for the execution of a contract on the basis <br /> of such proposals. <br /> 3. That the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department and the <br /> City Manager are here. authc,r4pkappairected to obtain from <br /> AMrAtffitions to any inconsis- <br /> tencies that may app-ar .etween its proposal and the specifica- <br /> tions of the City for said Automotive Fire Apparatus and to <br /> negotiate the terms and conditions of such pr %p n � } <br /> obtain a contract from .Qr .�, sa .�x.: t�A V . �'��'f <br /> if <br /> and conditions consistent with the City's specifications and in <br /> the best interests of the City. <br />