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<br />Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br />Wednesday, June 15, 2011 <br />Clive City Hall, Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> <br />Call to order: Commission Chairman Tom Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. <br />Members Present: Anne Keating, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Murphy, and Linda Shanks <br />Members Absent: Kim Peter <br />Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager, Rebecca Ekstrand, Shuler artist <br /> <br />Approval of Agenda and Minutes – Upon a motion made by Leibold and seconded by Keating, the <br />Agenda was unanimously approved. Upon a motion made by Leibold and seconded by Levine, the <br />minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> <br />Announcement from the Chair- None. <br />Citizen Presentation- None. <br /> <br />Budget Review- <br />McQuillen stated that there was a minor expenditure for materials for the Kids for Art in Clive project. <br /> <br />Project Updates- <br />Black Diamond-Shuler Public Art Memorial- Artist Update- <br />Ekstrand provided the Commission with an update on the Shuler project. They are using mild steel <br />versus corten steel and will be using stainless steel for the narratives. There have been ongoing talks <br />with the engineer on the size of the Black Diamond and that has been reworked. They have made <br />several attempts to contact the City’s concrete contractor to discuss the footings for the sculpture. <br />McQuillen stated he has also asked the contractor to contact the artists and will pursue it further with <br />him. Murphy asked the timeline for the fabrication. Ekstrand stated that the fabricator thought that <br />the September 27, 2011 dedication date was a realistic date. McQuillen and the artists will be meeting <br />with the lighting consultant on possible options to light the sculpture. <br /> <br />The Commission members discussed the color choices that Ekstrand had presented to the Commission <br />at the last meeting. The first color scheme is the original colors of the maquette which had a more <br />industrial look. The other color scheme included brighter colors. After a vote, the Commission chose <br />the first color scheme which was the original colors of the maquette. <br /> <br />Murphy thanked Ekstrand for providing the Commission with an update on the project. Shanks asked <br />whether Ekstrand would be able to attend the Kids for Art in Clive exhibition on July 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. <br />She also asked whether Ekstrand would be part of the jury to select the winners of the Kids for Art in <br />Clive exhibition. Ekstrand agreed to be on the jury and to attend the exhibition. The jury will meet on <br />July 12 to select the winning entries. The Commission will take a field trip to the fabricators on July 26 <br />or 27 depending on what arrangements can be made. <br /> <br />Shuler Site Plan- Update- <br />McQuillen stated that the staking was completed by the City and the concrete work for the hardscape <br />will begin as soon as the weather cooperates. He is continuing to investigate other options for the pillar <br />with Confluence. <br /> <br />Commission Subcommittees-There was a general discussion regarding the subcommittee duties. The <br />Grant and Fundraising subcommittee will be working on a list of grant possibilities and will meet with <br /> <br />