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RESOLUTION NO. % <br /> RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR TENTATIVE APPROVAL OF CONTRACT <br /> FOR THE DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND DELIVERY OF AN <br /> AUTOMOTIVE FIRE APPARATUS <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to resolution of the Clive City Council <br /> dated November 16, 1989, the Chief of the Volunteer Fire <br /> Department solicited proposals for the design, construction and <br /> delivery of an Automotive Fire Apparatus from at least five <br /> qualified manufacturers; and <br /> WHEREAS, the following proposals were received, opened and <br /> 411 inspected and tabulated by the City Manager: <br /> Address <br /> Name ands of Party <br /> Making the Proposal Amount of Proposal <br /> (See attachment prepared by City Manager) <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council having considered said proposals <br /> and the recommendations of the Chief of the Volunteer Fire <br /> Department, the City Manager and City staff desires to take <br /> action on said proposals. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA: <br /> 1. That the proposal of FePc _ �;, '�� �i L� � "of <br /> in the sum of 'rP i�3c for <br /> the design, construction and delivery of an Automotive <br /> Fire Apparatus in and for the City as described in the <br /> specifications adopted by this Council on November 16, <br /> 1989, be and is hereby tentatively approved as being <br /> the lowest responsible proposal received; however, such <br /> proposal is subject to and shall not be deemed <br /> effective until a written contract executed by "- , ., . //, <br /> (c‘ is approved by further Resolution o <br /> this Council. <br /> 2. That the proposals of all parties who have <br /> presented proposals to the City for an Automotive Fire <br /> Apparatus, exceot,for..such proposal presented by <br /> which has <br /> herein peen a *p essly tentatively approved by the <br /> Council, be and the same are hereby rejected and the <br /> City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to release <br /> to the respective parties the bonds presented therewith <br /> as security for the execution of a contract on the <br /> basis of such proposals. <br /> 3. That the Chief of the Volunteer Fire <br /> Department and the City Manager are hereby authorized <br /> and directed to obtain an executed written contract <br /> from "�� {�;�� �, � �� `'; / , ,,; r � : ,on terms and conditions <br /> consistent with the City's specifications and in the <br /> • best interests of the City, and to cause the same to be <br /> presented to this City Council for further action. <br /> Said contract not to be binding on the City of Clive <br /> until final approval by this Council. <br /> PASSED AND APPROVED THIS p . day of AMt L. O 1_ , 1990. <br /> B:S <br /> 0. e -ne" '::'dox7 Ma , or <br /> ATTEST: <br /> By / ,,f`<<_'� <br /> Ma jor a $, Roberts, City Clerk <br />