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<br />MINUTES <br />CLIVE PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD <br />Monday, July 11, 2011 <br />Council Chambers <br />th <br />1900 NW 114Street <br />Chairman Crawford called the meeting to order at 5:31p.m. <br />Present – <br />Barnes, Postma,*Easler, Crawford, Shetler, Reed <br />Absent– <br />Martin <br />*Easler arrived at 5:42 p.m. <br />Barnesmade a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Shetler. All signified aye, motion <br />approved. <br />Shelter made a request to amend the Minutes for the June meeting as to who was absent and <br />who was present. Staff will amend the Minutes. Crawfordmade a motion to approve the <br />consent items, seconded by Barnes. All signified aye, motion approved. <br />There were no citizen presentations. <br />Capital Improvement Projects: <br />City Council approved funding for several park and recreation capital improvement projects. <br />Those include the following: the Aquatic Center Bridge and Trail; Aquatic Center <br />Improvements, Greenbelt Trail and Signage Improvements, Campbell Recreation Area <br />Improvements, Cownie Field Master Plan, Westview Bend Park Renovations and the Wetlands <br />Mitigation Project. <br />Design and engineering for the Wetlands Mitigation project is complete and staff will begin <br />working on this project in the next few weeks. Design and engineering for Aquatic Center <br />Bridge and Trail project is also underway and city engineering staff is working with the DNR <br />for project approvals. A 2012 construction is being targeted. <br />Several of the projects will have significant planning needs and citizen input will be necessary <br />as part of the planning process. Staff suggested a steering committee that could include <br />members of City Council, Park Board, softball players, aquatic center pass holders, neighbors <br />of Westview Bend Park, Parks Staffand possibly the City Manager or the Assistant City <br />Manager.Board may wish to keep the planning and work at Westview Bend Park separate as <br />it will focus specifically on the neighborhood improvements, therefore getting input from the <br />surrounding neighborhood at an organized meeting.Staff will have additionalinformationon <br />the Capital Improvement Projects by the next Board meeting. <br />Reed made a motion to create a Steering Committee with representatives from the com- <br />munity(appropriate to each project category) along with members of the Park Board and <br />City Council(who are able to participate). The Steering Committee would have input on the <br />following projects: Campbell Recreation Area Improvements;Aquatic Center Improve- <br />ments;Greenbelt Trail and Signage Improvements;and the Cownie Field Master Plan. <br /> <br />