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<br /> AGENDA <br />CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br />DATE:Thursday, October 6, 2011 1900 NW 114th Street <br />TIME:7:00 p.m.Clive, IA 50325 <br />Call to Order/Roll Call/ Pledge of Allegiance <br />1. <br />Approval of the Agenda <br />2. <br />Citizens’ Presentation <br />3. <br />Consent Items: <br />4. <br />a.Minutes dated9-29-11 <br />b.Bill List dated10-3-11 <br />c.Approve Pay Request #2 –All Pro Concrete –2011 Sidewalk Repair Program –$11,100.28 <br />d.Approve Pay Request #1 –ABC-Electrical Contractors –Berkshire Pkwy Street Lighting Project –$73,510.65 <br />e.Approve Pay Request #4(final) –Snyder & Assoc. –North Walnut Creek Flood Mapping–$760.36 <br />f.Approve Pay Request #11 –Sternquist Construction, Inc. –Univ. Blvd Phase III Improvement Project –$117,238.95 <br />g.Approve Pay Request #8 –Jensen Construction Company –University Blvd Bridge Widening Project –$400,667.12 <br />th <br />h.Approve Pay Request #11 –(partial retainage release) –Concrete Technologies, Inc. –NW 111St & US 6 (Hickman Rd) <br />Improvement Project –$9,037.21 <br />i.Resolutionapproving Change Order #2 –Herberger Construction Company, Inc –Alice’s Rd Greenbelt Trail Bridge <br />Project –$ (-$5,508.47) <br />j.Approve Pay Request #5–Herberger Construction Company, Inc –Alice’s Rd Greenbelt Trail Bridge Project–$6,579.03 <br />k.Resolutionaccepting work –Herberger Construction Company, Inc –Alice’s Rd Greenbelt Trail Bridge Project <br />l.Resolutionapproving 28E Agreement with Windsor Heights/Urbandale–Rapid Learning Institute <br />st <br />m.Resolution accepting 1Amendment to Trail &Storm Sewer Easements–Walnut Creek Hills of Clive Plat 2, Lot 76 <br />th <br />Approve Site Plan Amendment–2121 NW 100St –Willis Auto Campus –Infinity Facility <br />5. <br />Approve Site Plan Amendment–8731 University Blvd. –Harlan Dermatology <br />6. <br />Approve Temporary Site Plan –Nobbies –9999 University Ave. <br />7. <br />th <br />Liquor License Renewal –Bar 2060, 2060 NW 94Street <br />8. <br />nd <br />2Consideration of Ordinance No. 946 –pertaining to Model Bicycle Regulations & Registration <br />9. <br />Resolutionapproving Professional Services Agreement –GenusLandscape Architects–2011 Park Capital <br />10. <br />Improvement Projects –$73,950 <br />Resolution setting date for Public Hearing (10/20/11,7:00 p.m.) –general obligation refunding loan <br />11. <br />agreement and issuance of not to exceed $9,500,000 general obligation refunding bonds <br />Council Member Committee Reports <br />12. <br />Assistant City Manager’s Report <br />13. <br />City Manager’s Report <br />14. <br />Correspondence <br />15. <br />Adjournment <br />16. <br />íóѽ¬óïï ìæïï ÐÓ <br /> <br />