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poff MINUTES <br />CLIVE PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD <br />Monday, November 6, 2011 <br />Council Chambers <br />1900 NW 114 Street <br />Crawford called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. <br />Present — Barnes, Easler, Crawford, Reed <br />Absent — Shetler, Martin <br />Easler made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Barnes. All signified aye, motion <br />approved <br />Easler made a motion to approve the consent items, seconded by Barnes. All signified aye, <br />motion approved <br />There were no citizen presentations. <br />Request for Pickle Ball Court: <br />A resident requested that the Board consider adding lines to a tennis court in Lions Park or <br />Campbell Recreation Area to accommodate Pickle Ball. Pickle Ball is a game that is a cross <br />between Badminton and Tennis. The resident was unable to attend the meeting. The Board <br />would like to table the discussion until they can receive more information from the resident in <br />a future meeting. <br />Consideration of Agreement for the Use of Central Iowa Trails Signs: <br />The City of Des Moines owns the rights, title, trademark and copyright interests to the Central <br />Iowa Trails logo and signs. Staff requested Board's consideration to allow us to enter into <br />agreement with the City of Des Moines to use the Central Iowa Trails logo if they so choose at <br />some point in the future. The City could incorporate the logo into existing Greenbelt Trail <br />signs or use the CIT Logo on signs on City's posts rather than the posts shown in the <br />specifications. Staff is working on a sign project for the entire City so this is a timely request <br />from Des Moines to allow us to consider if and how the CIT logo may be of benefit to the <br />Clive Greenbelt Trail system. <br />Easler made a motion to approve moving forward with the agreement, seconded by Reed <br />All signified aye, motion approved <br />Fees for 2012: <br />Each year fees are reviewed for services that relate to department's operations. Staff <br />presented the revisions to the Board for their consideration and any changes they may have to <br />the fee schedule prior to final approval in December. Items for consideration included: two <br />shelter rentals per day with pre- designated time slots; two hour and four hour softball field <br />rentals plus adding cost of equipment to maintain the fields; sand volleyball court rentals; <br />adding stipulations /fees in regard to rental cancellations /changes; and adjusting fees for <br />admission to the Aquatic Center. Staff will revise the Aquatic Center's admissions options that <br />were discussed and present at the next meeting. <br />