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1V <br />Agenda <br />Mn W WW Clive Parks and Recreation Board Meeting <br />5:30 P.M. December 5th, 2011 <br />Clive City Hall — Council Chambers <br />1900 NW 114 Street <br />Clive, Iowa <br />° _� N S6 0 <br />m Wiftbm <br />Call the Meeting to Order: <br />1. <br />Approval of Agenda <br />2. <br />Approval of Consent Items <br />3. <br />Citizens Presentations <br />4. <br />Request for Pickle Ball Court <br />5. <br />Fee Schedule for 2012 <br />6. <br />Lions Park Utility Easement <br />Trail Snow Removal Discussion <br />8. <br />Capital Improvement Projects —Report <br />6 M UM <br />9. <br />Ambassadors Report <br />M <br />' <br />10. <br />Directors Report <br />