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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday,January 25, 2012 <br /> Clive City Hall, North Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> Call to order: Matt McQuillen, substituting for Commission Chairman Tom Murphy, called the meeting <br /> to order at 5:35 PM. <br /> Members Present: Marilyn Baker, Anne Keating, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Kim Peters, Vicki Poole, <br /> Linda Shanks and Beth Wilson <br /> Members Absent: Tom Murphy <br /> Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager;Jessica Rowe, Director of the Greater <br /> Des Moines Public Art Foundation <br /> Approval of Agenda and Minutes—Shanks made a suggestion to add Kids for Art in Clive to the agenda. <br /> A motion was made by Keating and seconded by Wilson that the corrected Agenda be approved. The <br /> motion was unanimously approved. Upon a motion made by Shanks and seconded by Wilson, the <br /> minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Announcement from the Chair- None. <br /> Budget Review- <br /> McQuillen updated the Commission on the budget. The Black Diamond Project is closed and <br /> approximately$3,000 was carried forward into the Art Along the Trail project. <br /> There has been a preliminary discussion to cut $25,000 from next fiscal year's PAAC budget. This would <br /> leave$5,894 in new City funds for the Commission for the next fiscal year. The need to cut the budget is <br /> the result of a $600,000 shortfall in the City's budget. The PAAC has approximately $30,000 of <br /> uncommitted funds for the current fiscal year. There should be sufficient funds to continue the existing <br /> programs the Commission has put into place such as the Kids for Art in Clive exhibition and the Art Along <br /> the Trail exhibition. For larger commissions, it is likely the Commission will need to leverage its funds <br /> with public and private grants. <br /> Old Business- <br /> Art Along the Trail <br /> McQuillen displayed photos of the sculptures that have been submitted by artists for the inaugural Art <br /> Along the Trail exhibition. The Selection Committee will meet February 6 (and possibly February 13) to <br /> choose six sculptures from the 26 entries. The Committee's selections will then be provided to the <br /> Commission for its approval and recommendation to the City Council. McQuillen said he would be <br /> working on contracts for the lease of the sculptures selected by the Committee. <br /> Peters reported on the work of the Commission's Grants & Fundraising subcommittee. The <br /> subcommittee met with the Executive Director of the Clive Chamber of Commerce. There are <br /> preliminary plans to hold a 'Business After Hours' social event for Chamber members in early May to <br /> inform them about the Commission's work and to seek sponsors for projects such as Art Along the Trail. <br /> McQuillen also commented that he has attempted to contact a local business which had expressed an <br /> interest in sponsoring the Art Along the Trail exhibition. He will report back to the Commission on the <br /> outcome. <br />