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Mock City Council Meeting <br /> February 24, 2012 <br /> The Mock Meeting of the Clive City Council was held Friday, February 24, 2012 at the Clive City Hall at <br /> 1:00 p.m. Mayor Grace Howard presided. Council members present: Katie Derouin, Faith Aeilts, Enisa <br /> Imsirovic, Laxmi Annapureddy, Emery Hintz. Absent: None. <br /> Agenda was approved as presented. Council discussed possible improvements to the Clive Aquatic <br /> Center. <br /> Council Member Aeilts asked why we had to add all kid enhancements and not add them for older kids. <br /> Council Member Imsirovic asked why we needed the huge bucket in the middle of the splash area <br /> enhancement. <br /> Resident Jackson Waters shared that 69% of rescues happen in the existing splash area. <br /> Resident Shubham Tayal stated that the lazy river exit needs to be improved, is highly used, <br /> overcrowded, and it is hard to walk up the steps. <br /> Resident Maria Masteller shared that the ADA Modification of a more efficient ladder would cause less <br /> trouble with drowning because of people jumping off the board. She wants to see the pool kept clean and <br /> unclouded. She also says that she has never seen the parking lot when it is not full, and thinks that the <br /> area is over-crowded. <br /> Council Member Derouin asked where residents thought the new exit should be. <br /> Maria Masteller responded that it should be moved farther to the west because you have to be able to <br /> pass. <br /> Resident Jillian Mack expressed the safety has to be a sure thing, but play is not necessary. People are <br /> still going to swim without the new area and it may cause too much excitement. <br /> Council Member Aeilts asked if residents did not want the play area, would they be okay with a tidal pool? <br /> Ms. Mack thought that this would maybe be an option because of the cost. <br /> Council Member Annapureddy wanted to know if the play area would get boring. <br /> Ms. Mack stated that pools are pools and people will swim anyway. <br /> Resident Crystal Kimami feels that the play area should not be added because people hang out on the hill <br /> and it is one of the few areas of green around the pool. <br /> Council Member Annapureddy asked if Ms. Kimami just did not want it located there, or if she did not <br /> want it at all? <br /> Ms. Kimami feels it is not needed at all. <br /> Resident Saylor Sonnenburg feels that the play area is not needed. She feels that the pool has been <br /> going for 6 years and had been okay. She does not think that people will want to shoot a water cannon for <br /> two hours. She feels it would attract more people to the area causing more crowding and defeat the <br /> purpose. Ms. Sonnenburg thinks that the newness would last about 2 weeks, but eventually people will <br /> quit coming. $295,000 for ten to twenty minutes is unrealistic when you can buy a watergun for like $20. <br /> She does feel that safety measures are necessary. Perhaps a bigger pool or an addition to the pool. <br />