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Mock City Council Meeting <br /> April 22, 2011 <br /> The Mock Meeting of the Clive City Council was held Friday, April 22, 2011 at the Clive City Hall at 1:00 <br /> p.m. Mayor Evan McKinney presided. Council members present: Rachel Snodgrass, AnneMarie <br /> Derouin, Rebecca Addy, Connor Corbin, Justine Williamson. Absent: None. <br /> Agenda was approved as presented. Council discussed possible improvements to the Clive Aquatic <br /> Center. <br /> Resident Bryanna Hawthorne, 415 33rd St., expressed her concerns for the 7 year old slides. She feels <br /> that they could break down at any time. She thinks parents would feel better with all slides updated. <br /> Resident Cameron Brueck, 13204 Rocklyn Dr., wants to see improvements for safety issues, but does not <br /> want to add anything new. He would like to see tax dollars used for something else. He stated that new <br /> features would require expanded parking and fencing. He would like to see $200,000 at most, used for <br /> repairs and the balance to be used for roads, sidewalks, libraries, animal shelters, and homeless shelter. <br /> Resident Noah Welch, 12203 Northbrook, voiced his opinion that updates would add the center's <br /> popularity and provide new stuff to do. <br /> Resident Kali Douglas, 1833 NW 80th Place, Clive, wants to know why we should spend something for an <br /> endless circle of debt and have to pay for almost another pool? She states that if we are reaching <br /> capacity now, the addition of new features would get us to capacity even faster. She would like to see <br /> barriers created in shallow end to keep little kids safer, as well as having a toddler area to isolate them <br /> from big kids. <br /> Madison Stoaks, 1873 NW 89th, would like to maintain the current number of customers and income. She <br /> showed pictures of the possible new drop slide and polled the audience for their preferences. <br /> Lilly Seltz, 13211 Elmcrest Circle, does not think that a seven year old slide is that old. In his opinion, <br /> adding new equipment would mean having to expand the area add new guards if the feature was more <br /> dangerous. He would rather see the money spent on better causes such as libraries and animal shelters. <br /> He feels that up to $300,000 could be spent for safety and you would not need as many guards. He would <br /> like to have barriers for small kids and flotation devices. He stated that safety costs less than new stuff <br /> that people could get hurt on. <br /> Upon completion of the above discussion, it was moved and seconded to vote on the use of$500,000 to <br /> make improvements to the Clive Aquatic Center. Roll call: Ayes: Snodgrass, Corbin. Nays: Darouin, <br /> Addy, Williamson. Motion defeated. <br /> Upon completion of the agenda, the council adjourned at 1:37 p.m. <br />