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1 <br /> Crestview 6th Grade <br /> Mock City Council Meeting <br /> Thursday, January 10, 2008 <br /> The mock meeting of the Crestview 6th Grade Council was held Thursday, January 10, 2008 at <br /> Clive City Hall at 7:00 p.m. Mayor Malia Greiner presided. Council members present were: <br /> Emma Stier, Sam Cohrs, Lindsey Mack, Anna Howard, Sammie Binns. Absent: none. <br /> Mayor Greiner asked the City Manager to introduce the NW 86th Street Streetscape Project for discussion. <br /> The Assistant City Manager gave an overview of the project outlining the goals and objectives of the project. <br /> Shaan Madhan, owner of Mr. B Clothing , 1995 NW 86th Street, spoke to the council regarding his position <br /> towards the 86th Street Project. He is opposed, citing construction and detours, downtime of his business, <br /> and the possibility of taxes being raised. He wants to know where the money will come from for the project <br /> and how much time will it take to complete. He voiced concern at the movement of traffic during construction <br /> and the closing of Taco John's. He is against having the city logo changed. Mr. Madhan told the council that <br /> the public art will cost money and be a distraction. He does not believe that there are any problems with <br /> the traffic now and does not see why the changes are needed. He advised the council that the project should <br /> be scrapped. <br /> Rachel Ehrecke, off of NW 86th St., addressed the council regarding her opposition of the project. She goes <br /> to bed early and has concerns that the noise levels during construction will cause problems. She is concerned <br /> about accidents, difficulty in getting to work, rush hour traffic problems and the change in lifestyle for her and <br /> her neighbors. She asked the council how long the project would take. <br /> Noah Reddig, an NW 86th Street business owner, addressed the council in favor of the project. He feels the <br /> changes would have a positive effect on his business, citing increased customers being attracted to the changes <br /> and an increase in walking traffic. He is in favor of the widening of the street even if the Streetscape portion <br /> of the project fails. In his opinion, the school kids would be safer and crowding would be reduced. He feels <br /> that the construction may lead to a loss of customers initially, but he feels that he could make it up when the <br /> project is complete. He also stated that he would change his mind if the project was slated to take more than <br /> 20 years. <br /> Kara Masteller spoke to the council in regards to the NW 86th Street Project. She feels that the changes would <br /> make the city look better, and likes the planting ideas presented. She stated that connecting to the bike trails is a <br /> good move and would like to see the power lines buried. She has minor concerns about construction issues, but <br /> agrees that the changes would turn out better for the city in the end. <br /> Madison Gausman spoke to the council in favor of the 86th Street Project. Clive is a great place to live and we <br /> should make it look good. She stated that we have destroyed all of the roads in the area, we might as well fix <br /> this one. Ms. Gausman wanted to know the last time the roads were fixed. She feels the road work <br /> has been going on for so long that you get used to it. She posed the question of the taxes being raised, and <br /> stated that she would be in favor of it, but others may not. <br /> The council continued discussion of the NW 86th Streetscape Project. <br /> Stier moved to approve the NW 86th Streetscape Project seconded by Binns. Roll Call: Ayes: <br /> Stiers, Mack, Howard, Binns. Nays: Cohrs. Motion carried. <br /> There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Greiner adjourned the meeting at 1:25 <br /> p.m. <br /> Pamela L. Blessman, City Clerk Malia Greiner, Mayor <br />