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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday, February 29, 2012 <br /> Clive City Hall, North Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> Call to order: Matt McQuillen, substituting temporarily for Commission Chairman Tom Murphy, called <br /> the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. <br /> Members Present: Marilyn Baker, Anne Keating, Karen Leibold, Tom Murphy, Kim Peters, Vicki Poole, <br /> Linda Shanks and Beth Wilson <br /> Members Absent: Tracy Levine <br /> Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen,Assistant City Manager;Alex Pfaltzgraff, City Planner <br /> Approval of Agenda and Minutes — A motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Poole that the <br /> Agenda be approved. The motion was unanimously approved. Upon a motion made by Leibold and <br /> seconded by Shanks, the minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Guest Presentation- <br /> The Community Development Department is working on a comprehensive plan for the City. City planner <br /> Alex Pfaltzgraff stated that City residents may take part in the plan by completing an on-line assessment <br /> or completing a postcard if they do not have access to a computer. Residents are asked for specifics <br /> about what they like about Clive. A steering committee will be created from members of various City <br /> boards and commissions this spring. The steering committee will help in further refining the City's plan. <br /> The last comprehensive plan was in 1998 and was very effective. Pfaltzgraff handed out postcards to <br /> Commission members for their input. The Commission thanked Pfaltzgraff for attending the meeting <br /> and making the presentation. <br /> Announcement from the Chair- None. <br /> Budget Review-None. <br /> Old Business- <br /> Art Along the Trail <br /> McQuillen stated the selection committee chose six artworks for the Art Along the Trail exhibition. One <br /> artwork originally selected had been sold by the time it was selected and another sculpture was selected <br /> in its place. The selection committee also recommended where each of the chosen sculptures should be <br /> located. The six artworks selected included the following: <br /> Artwork Name Location Artist Price <br /> Lagrange Point 73rd/University V. Skip Willits $9,000 <br /> Fly Free Wildwood Park Gail Chavenelle $2,500 <br /> Peaceful Journey Lakeshore Drive Ron Dinsdale $18,500 <br /> Paths Unite NW 114" James Bearden $4,500 <br /> Flock 9 100t"St. Pam Dennis and Ryk Weiss $4,500 <br /> The Catch Campbell Park Anna Modeland $9,200 <br />