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SECTION VI . CAUSE FOR DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE continued <br /> On The Job Offense Which Could Result <br /> In a Warning For the First Offense, a <br /> Written Warning For a Second Offense, <br /> And Suspension Or Discharge For a <br /> Third Offense: <br /> Tardiness <br /> Unauthorized Absence From Job <br /> Or Work Area <br /> Inefficiency, Incompetence, Or <br /> Negligence In The Performance <br /> Of Duties <br /> Malicious Gossip <br /> For employee actions not covered in the above disci- <br /> plinary categories, the department head is encouraged to <br /> consult with the City Manager to determine the appropriate <br /> disciplinary action warranted in light of the circumstances <br /> of each particular case. The specific offenses cited in the <br /> above disciplinary categories are meant to be examples to <br /> guide department heads and are not meant to restrict other <br /> offenses from applicability under these disciplinary cate- <br /> gories. <br /> SECTION VII . SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES <br /> A "Grievance" is defined as any dispute concerning the <br /> application of these rules and policies . All grievances must <br /> be in writing and signed by the affected employee (s) . All <br /> answers to grievances must be in writing and signed by the ap- <br /> propriate department head. <br /> The following procedural steps shall be followed in re- <br /> solving grievances: <br /> STEP I - Any employee having a grievance shall present <br /> the matter to his/her department head within <br /> five days of the event giving rise to the dis- <br /> pute . The written grievance shall specify the <br /> section of the rule alleged violated and the <br /> remedy sought. The department shall respond <br /> within five days of receipt of this complaint. <br /> The grieving party shall forfeit and waive <br /> all aggrieved rights if their complaint is <br /> not presented within five working days. <br /> - 4 - <br />