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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday,June 27, 2012 <br /> Clive City Hall, North Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> Call to order: Commission Chairman Tom Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. <br /> Members Present: Marilyn Baker, Karen Leibold, Tom Murphy, Kim Peters, Vicki Poole, Linda Shanks <br /> and Beth Wilson <br /> Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager <br /> Approval of Agenda and Minutes — A motion was made by Shanks and seconded by Peters that the <br /> Agenda be approved with an amendment to add a discussion item under New Business to discuss a <br /> memorial for Jim Emery of the Historical Society. The motion was unanimously approved. Upon a <br /> motion made by Shanks and seconded by Leibold, the minutes were unanimously approved with the <br /> amendment to remove the "s"from "Peters". <br /> Announcement from the Chair- None. <br /> Budget Review- McQuillen advised the Commission there are still two artists who have yet to submit an <br /> invoice for their Art Along the Trail stipend. In addition, he updated the Commission on the fund status <br /> for each of the Commission's project funds and notified the Commission it will receive a $6,000 grant <br /> award from Bravo for the 2013 Art Along the Trail program. <br /> Old Business- <br /> Kids for Art in Clive — Murphy updated the Commission on the status of supplies and materials for the <br /> Kids Art Contest. Matting and framing have been purchased for the submittals, which the winners being <br /> the only ones to be framed. Four 3D pieces were submitted along with 36 other 2D pieces. The art <br /> contest event will take place on Saturday, July 14 from 1-3pm in the Special Events Building during the <br /> Clive Festival. Judging of the pieces will take place on Monday, July 91" at 4pm in NW Conference Room <br /> at Clive City Hall. Terry's Frame Shop has given some in-kind support through a discount on the matting <br /> and framing and Murphy will ask her if she is interested in being a judge. <br /> For the day of the reception, refreshments should be there by 10am. Plates and napkins have already <br /> been donated. Setup of the pieces will be on Thursday,July 12 at 5pm in the Special Events Building and <br /> tear down will be starting at 8pm on Saturday,July 14. <br /> Artist RFP/Development of City Hall Lobby Art- The subcommittee presented their proposal and the <br /> Commission walked through the lobby to determine how things would work. The discussion focused on <br /> starting with some small items, such as removing the existing furniture and wall art and creating a clean <br /> slate. Second would be to add a large digital picture frame or TV to show a slide show of pictures of <br /> Clive, including public art and Clive parks. The third item would be to replace the furniture with more <br /> artistic looking benches and remove the table. <br /> A motion was made by Shanks to have the subcommittee refine and revise the proposal for the City Hall <br /> Lobby. It was seconded by Leibold and approved unanimously. Leibold made a motion to ask the City to <br /> approve three steps 1.) Remove current lobby items 2.) allow for installation of digital media and 3.) <br /> authorize the purchase of new furniture. Seconded by Poole and approved unanimously. <br />