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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes <br /> Wednesday, October 31, 2012 <br /> Clive City Hall Northwest Conference Room, 1900 NW 114th St <br /> Call to order: Commission Chairman Tom Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM. <br /> Members Present: Marilyn Baker, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Murphy, Dr. Vicky Poole and Linda <br /> Shanks, Kim Peter, Beth Wilson <br /> Staff and Guests Present: Matt McQuillen, Assistant City Manager and Scott Cirksena, Mayor <br /> Approval of Agenda and Minutes — A motion was made by Poole and seconded by Shanks that the <br /> Agenda be approved. The motion was unanimously approved. Upon a motion made by Shanks and <br /> seconded by Leibold, the minutes were unanimously approved. <br /> Announcement from the Chair- None. <br /> New Business- <br /> Strategic Plan Presentation- <br /> Mayor Cirksena made a presentation to the PAAC of the new strategic plan for the City of Clive. He <br /> reviewed the vision, mission statement, core beliefs and action items the City plans to execute over the <br /> next 12 months. He asked for feedback from the PAAC members. <br /> Brainstorming-Next PAAC Commission: <br /> McQuillen discussed a proposal he had to broaden the scope of the art commission project currently <br /> being discussed for an area near the Clive Aquatic Center and trail system. After a conversation with <br /> Jessica Rowe, Executive Director of the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, McQuillen wanted <br /> the PAAC to consider expanding the planning process for the next public art commission to consist of <br /> the entire Town Center/City Campus property. <br /> McQuillen explained a process by which the City and the PAAC would serve as a facilitator of a public <br /> process where representatives from all of the City's civic groups and organizations are engaged to help <br /> shape the character and concepts to be included in the site north of Campus Drive and east of 114th <br /> Street. The goal would be to integrate all of the City facilities through the use of site planning and public <br /> art to develop a community project where each organization could be engaged to be a part of the <br /> project and be responsible for the development of their portion of the site plan. The focus is to get buy- <br /> in and ownership from the city's civic groups to be a part of this project and help shape it. <br /> The PAAC voiced their support for the project and mentioned their interest in assisting each of the city's <br /> civic groups in developing their aspect of the overall community project, whether through public art <br /> commissions or other means. The PAAC felt this was a great step forward and allows the City to develop <br /> a holistic vision for the Town Center area. <br /> Announcements-None. <br />