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Introduction <br />The economic viability of the Clive community has and will continue to be a top priority of the <br />Clive City Council. Historically, the City of Clive's economic development program has <br />consisted of making property available for commercial and industrial development through <br />typical community development procedures. For decades Clive was able to produce consistent <br />commercial and industrial growth through the provision of basic infrastructure needs and <br />support. The economic development paradigm has changed for Clive and the Greater Des <br />Moines area. A reset of the national and regional economy has occurred, necessitating the <br />development and implementation of creative and progressive strategies for economic <br />development. For Clive the metro environment has become much more competitive due to the <br />overbuilding of commercial space and the lack of land opportunities in Clive for new projects. <br />The age of unilateral development programs is gone, being replaced by multi - faceted <br />partnerships where the City serves as facilitator for numerous stakeholders to ensure successful <br />completion of projects. In addition, residential development is now the main driver of the City's <br />growing tax base. The success of Clive's ability to attract and retain tax base producing projects <br />is not mutually exclusive to local government. State and regional economic development <br />organizations serve as important conduits for access to incentive programs and information <br />sources to ensure businesses can locate and flourish in Iowa communities. <br />The Economic Development Action Plan for the City of Clive takes into account the challenges <br />and opportunities listed above to develop a strategy where the City seeks to do the following: <br />1) Retain Clive's existing businesses and find opportunities to encourage their continued <br />growth and expansion. <br />2) Assemble the information needed for the City to make educated decisions for investment <br />in infrastructure and incentive programs to encourage sustainable economic development. <br />3) Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders to create a unified development <br />approach. <br />4) Develop realistic financial incentive programs that provide the gap financing needed for <br />successful expansion, redevelopment and relocation projects, commercial or residential. <br />5) Promote the unique assets of the community as a great place to attract the workforce <br />necessary for a vibrant business environment. <br />Through this Action Plan the City of Clive looks to ensure the long -term growth of the City's <br />commercial and industrial tax base to provide employment for Clive residents and the tax <br />revenue necessary to maintain the City's exceptional public services. A strong local economy in <br />combination with exceptional public services results in a sustainable and viable Clive community <br />creating a high quality of life for all residents and businesses. <br />Included herein are five strategies the City will utilize to achieve the above stated objectives. <br />Each strategy identifies related goals, roles and actions for the City and its economic <br />development partners to implement. The blend of these five strategies will allow the City to <br />capitalize on the community's strengths in attracting and retaining value -based businesses in <br />Clive. <br />1/9/2013 City of Clive Page 2 <br />