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Clive Public Arts Advisory Commission Meeting <br /> Minutes <br /> March 18, 2013 <br /> Present: Josh Dreyer, Faith Garnaas, Karen Leibold, Tracy Levine, Tom Murphy, <br /> Kim Peter, Linda Shanks, Matt McQuillen <br /> Absent: Marilyn Baker, Dr. Vicky Poole <br /> Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm by Chair Karen <br /> Leibold. <br /> Approval of Agenda: A motion was made by Linda Shanks to approve the March <br /> 18, 2013 agenda. It was seconded by Kim Peter. Approved <br /> Approval of Minutes; Tom Murphy made a motion to approve the February 27, <br /> 2013 minutes. Seconded by Linda. Approved. <br /> OLD BUSINESS <br /> Kids for Art: Both Linda and Matt McQuillen reported that the invitation for the <br /> 2013 Kids for Art in Clive program was sent to area public and private schools. <br /> The next step is to determine who will sit on the jury panel and what date will <br /> work for the panel to meet. The Commission brainstormed the panel to include <br /> the Clive Mayor/City Manager, someone from NCMIC, the sponsor, and an artist. <br /> Last year's jurors included the Mayor, Commission member Tom Murphy, and <br /> artist Ron Dinsdale. Tom volunteered to again ask an artist who has been <br /> involved with the Clive Public Art program. Matt will request the Mayor's <br /> participation and if he cannot make it, the City Manager. Matt will also check with <br /> NCMIC. <br /> The panel will shoot to meet on July 8. The reception will be July 19, at the <br /> Special Events Center, Clive Aquatic Center. Linda asked Commission <br /> members about having art displayed during this pre-"Kids for Art" time for an <br /> exhibit at City Hall. Tom said he will check to find out if Valley AP or 3-D <br /> students might like to participate. <br /> City Budget: Matt announced that the proposed budget was accepted by the <br /> Clive City Council at the March 7 meeting. The amount is $15,447 for the 2013- <br /> 14 budget starting July 1, 2013. This is in addition to the PAAC's current <br /> $32,970 fund balance. <br /> NEW BUSINESS <br /> Art Along the Trail: Tom passed around some "working" brochures for this year's <br /> "Art Along the Trail" created by Valley graphic design students. With the selected <br /> sculptures scheduled to be in place by the 18th of May and with an early date for <br />