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PLEASE NOTE START TIME <br /> AGENDA <br /> CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> DATE: Thursday, September 5, 2013 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> TIME: 6:00 p.m. Clive, IA 50325 <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance <br /> 2. Approval of the Agenda <br /> 3. Mayoral Appointments to the Citizen Review Committee <br /> 4. Citizens' Presentation <br /> 5. Consent Items: <br /> a. Minutes dated 8-29-13 <br /> b. Bill List dated 8-30-13 <br /> C. Treasurer's Report—July 2013 <br /> d. Resolution approving Annual Road Use Report <br /> e. Resolution approving temporary street closing—Block Party—1590 NW 101"St—9-15-13,4:00—8:00p.m. <br /> f. Approve Special Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal—Saigon Cafe, 1945 NW 86`h St <br /> g. Approve Special Class C Liquor License Renewal—Best Western Clive Inn&Suites, 1450 NW 118`h St <br /> h. Approve Class C Liquor License,Sunday Sales Renewal—Club Car Restaurant, 13435 University Ave <br /> i. Approve Special Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal—Chili's Southwest Grill, 11411 Forest Ave <br /> j. Approve Pay Request#2—Maguire Iron—NW 104`h St Water Tower Painting Project—$42,636 <br /> k. Approve Pay Request#2—TK Concrete, Inc—2013 Subdrain Project—$68,814.25 <br /> I. Approve Pay Request#4—TK Concrete, Inc—2013 Residential PCC Pavement Rehabilitation Project—$43,619.75 <br /> m. Resolution approving Change Order#1 —Grimes Asphalt&Paving Corp.—2013 Residential HMA Pavement Rehabilitation <br /> Project— (-$6,515.20) <br /> n. Resolution approving Change Order#1 —OMG Midwest, Inc.dba Des Moines Asphalt&Paving Co.—2013 HMA Pavement <br /> Rehabilitation Project—(-$43,574.50) <br /> o. Resolution accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete—Walnut Creek Hills of Clive Plat 2, Lot 4 —4401 NW 164`h St <br /> p. Resolution accepting 1s`Amendment to Sanitary Sewer Easement—Berkshire Woods Plat 1, Lot 26—2713 NW 166`h Ct <br /> q. Resolution accepting 1 s'Amendment to Surface Water Flowage Easement—Walnut Ridge Creek Plat 4, Lot 14—10660 Forest Ave <br /> r. Resolution approving amendment to ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan <br /> s. Approve 2013 Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant Application—Public Art <br /> t. Receive&File Board of Adjustment Minutes—8-20-13 <br /> u. Approve adjustment to the Seasonal&Permanent Part-time Paid-on-Call staff for FY2013/2014—Police Dept. —ATE&Evidence <br /> Coordinator—$15.61 hr <br /> V. Approve pay rate for Heidi Larson—PT Library Shelver—$8.25 hr—Start date 9-11-13 <br /> w. Approve pay rate for Matt Herring—Parks Dept. Operations Specialist—$44,650—Start date 9-30-13 <br /> X. Approve appointment and pay rate for Matthew Graham—Deputy City Clerk—$69,775—effective 10-1-13 <br /> 6. Comprehensive Plan —Chapter 1 —Community Character Background <br /> 7. Public Hearing —7:00 p.m.—Zoning Amendment—Commons at Boston Parkway Development <br /> 8. Resolution approving Final Plat—Verona Hills South Plat 2 <br /> 9. Approve Preliminary Plat—Woodland Ridge <br /> 10. Resolution to Collaborate—City of West Des Moines —Grant application —Adaptive Traffic Control Signal <br /> Project <br /> 11. Proposed Ordinance No. 980 amending Clive City Code by deleting Automated Red Light Enforcement <br /> 12. Resolution approving the Clive 2013-2018 Strategic Plan <br /> 13. Human Resource Officer recruitment discussion <br /> 14. Leisure Services Department objective <br /> 15. Resolution setting Public Hearing (9-19-13, 6:00 p.m.)—Loan Agreements not to exceed $2,125,000 <br /> 16. Closed Session —Strategy Meeting---Collective Bargaining (Iowa Code Section 20.17(3)) <br /> 17. Council Member Committee Reports <br /> 18. Assistant City Manager's Report <br /> 19. City Manager's Report <br /> 20. Correspondence <br /> 21. Adjournment <br /> 30-Aug-13 3:16 PM <br />