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AGENDA <br /> CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> DATE: Thursday, January 16, 2014 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> TIME: 6:00 p.m. Clive, IA 50325 <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance <br /> 2. Approval of the Agenda <br /> 3. Approval of Mayoral Appointments-2014 <br /> a. Boards &Commissions — Planning &Zoning, Parks & Rec, Library, Board of Adjustment, Civil Service, <br /> Building Code of Appeals <br /> 4. Citizen's Presentation <br /> 5. Consent Items <br /> a. Minutes dated 12-19-13 <br /> b. Bill List dated 1-13-14 <br /> C. Water Reconciliation Report—Dec 2013 <br /> d. Treasurer's Report—Nov 2013 <br /> e. City Clerk's Dept Report—Dec 2013 <br /> f. Building Dept Report—Dec 2013 <br /> g. Fire Dept Report—Dec 2013 <br /> h. Leisure Services Report—Dec 2013 <br /> i. Police Dept Report—Dec 2013 <br /> j. Public Works Dept Report—Dec 2013 <br /> k. Approve Class B Beer Permit, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales Renewal—515 Brewing Company, 7700 University Ave Ste C <br /> I. Approve Class B Liquor License, Catering Privilege, Sunday Sales Renewal—Wildwood Lodge, 11431 Forest Ave <br /> m. Resolution approving Disposal of Surplus Property <br /> n. Resolution approving transfer from Police Equitable Sharing Fund to Police Seizure Fund—$25,251 <br /> o. Resolution approving transfer from Trail Paving Project to Aquatics Trail Connection Project—$11,980.91 <br /> p. Resolution approving transfer from Campbell Rec Area Project to Aquatics Trail Connection Project—$59,289.31 <br /> q. Resolution approving transfer from NW 142nd& Hickman Paving Project to Hickman Shoulder Reconstruction Project— <br /> $234.33 <br /> r. Resolution approving transfer from General Fund to Northern Neighborhoods Project—$4,255.59 <br /> S. Resolution approving transfer from General Fund to Woodlands Art Project—$14,547 <br /> t. Resolution approving transfer from Fiber Optics Project to Traffic Improvement&Safety Projects—$3,496.67 <br /> U. Resolution approving transfer from Sewer Infrastructure Improvements to Meter Change Out Project—$60,000 <br /> V. Resolution approving Agreement to Complete Site Improvements—Verona Hills South Plat 1 —Lot 40, 16893 Verona Hills Dr <br /> w. Resolution approving Agreement to Complete Site Improvements—Stonegate Townhomes Plat 1 —Lot 53,2704 NW 1541h St <br /> X. Resolution accepting First Amendment to Surface Water Flowage Easement—Angel Park Plat 2—Lot 29, 16420 Baxter Dr <br /> y. Resolution approving Professional Services Agreement—Sanborn Map Company Inc.—Planimetric Update—$18,539 <br /> Z. Resolution amending 28E Agreement for the Promotion of Tourism&Convention Activities in the Greater DSM Area <br /> aa. Approve Attorney Fee Schedule—2014 <br /> bb. Approve Pay Request#2 (final)—Koester Construction—Public Works Overhead Door&Walk Door Project—$2,045.90 <br /> cc. Approve Pay Request#6 (retainage)—TK Concrete, Inc—2013 Residential PCC Pavement Rehabilitation Project—$11,372.38 <br /> dd. Approve Pay Request#5 (retainage)—Nehring Const. Inc—2013 Arterial PCC Pavement Rehabilitation Project—$7,011.75 <br /> ee. Approve Pay Request#4 (retainage)—Grimes Asphalt&Paving Corp—2013 Residential HMA Pavement Rehabilitation Project <br /> —$6,355.82 <br /> ff. Approve Pay Request#4 (retainage)—OMG Midwest, Inc dba Des Moines Asphalt& Paving Co—2013 HMA Pavement <br /> Rehabilitation Project—$19,254.39 <br /> gg. Approve Pay Request#1 —Bankers Trust—Bankers Trust/City of Clive Signage Project—$45,030.25 <br /> hh. Resolution approving Amendment#3 to Master Contract—CSI Const. Inc—86th St Streetscaping Repair Project <br /> ii. Approve Pay Request#1 —CSI Const. Inc—professional services—86th St Streetscaping Repair Project—$9,307.03 <br /> jj. Receive &File City of Clive Hazard Mitigation Steering Committee Annual Progress Report—2013 <br /> kk. Approve Acting Public Works Director increase for Steve Landhuis—effective 1-20-14—$120/week <br /> II. Request to Purchase Loose Equipment—Replacement Ladder Truck Project—$42,862.68 <br /> mm. Resolution accepting public improvements —Woodlands Creek Reserve Plat 1 <br /> nn. Approve Construction Drawings—Angel Park Plat 4 <br /> 9. Resolution approving Collective Bargaining Agreement—Teamsters Local Union 238 <br /> 10. Town Center Preview— Reynolds Design <br /> 11. Resolution approving Interlocal Agreement —Walnut Creek Watershed Management Authority <br /> 1/13/2014 3:02 PM <br />