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MINUTES <br /> CLIVE PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD <br /> Monday, March 3,2014 <br /> Council Chambers <br /> 1900 NW 114t`' Street <br /> Present–Bell, Martin, Shetler,Weiler, Reed (arrived 5:37) <br /> Absent–Crawford and Ramundt <br /> Shetler called the meeting to order at 5.32 p.m. <br /> Martin made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Bell. Ayes:Reed, Shetler, Weiler. <br /> Nays:none. <br /> Martin made a motion to approve the minutes from January 6, 2014, seconded by Weiler. <br /> Ayes: Bell, Martin, Reed, Shetler. Nays:none. <br /> There were no citizen presentations. <br /> Old Business: <br /> There was no discussion required. <br /> New Business: <br /> a. Town'Center Update—Assistant City Manager, Matt McQuillen, and urban designer, <br /> Dennis Reynolds, were present to discuss and answer the Board's questions regarding <br /> the updates on the Town Center project and the park spaces element of the project. <br /> b. Emerald Ash Borer Policy Update—The current policy was approved by the Board in <br /> February of 2012. The number of counties in Iowa with confirmed EAB infestation has <br /> increased and the State of Iowa has implemented a statewide quarantine on wood from <br /> ash trees. Due to this and other factors, City staff recently reviewed and updated the <br /> policy. The two most significant changes to the policy involve the preemptive removal of <br /> all ash trees on City right of way that pose a potential risk, and the implementation`of'not <br /> endorsing treatment options for trees on public property due to ongoing cost and potential <br /> environmental impact. A total of 64 ash trees will be removed this spring and the City will <br /> implement a community public awareness campaign. The Board was asked to approve <br /> the update to the current policy, and recommend to the City Council for their approval. <br /> Martin made a motion to approve staff's recommendation regarding the update of the <br /> EAB Policy,seconded by Reed. Ayes.Bell, Shetler, Weiler. Nays:none. <br /> c. Park Location for Storm Warning Siren Request—Leisure Services Director, Todd <br /> Seaman, discussed the placement of a storm warning siren and pole in Country Club' <br /> Glen Park. Due to a coverage gap in the City's storm warning sirens, the Fire Depart- <br /> ment has requested permission to install a storm warning siren and pole in this park. <br /> Two options were presented to the Board for their review. Staff recommended <br /> approving the location of Option 1 due to the ease of access and the safety coverage of <br /> the siren. <br /> Weiler made a motion to approve Option 1 as the location for the storm warning siren, <br /> seconded by Bell. Ayes:Martin, Reed, Shetler. Nays:none. <br /> d. Aquatic Center Pass Donation Policy—Aquatic Supervisor McKenzie Kiger was <br /> present to discuss the current policy for Aquatic Center pass donations. The current <br />