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Library Board Minutes <br /> City of Clive <br /> Monday, June 16, 2014 <br /> The meeting of the Clive Library Board of Trustees was held Monday, June 16, 2014, at <br /> Clive City Hall at 5:30 P.M. <br /> The Meeting was called to order by President Menning at 5:31 p.m. <br /> Board Members Present: Sheffield, Vance, Marquardt and Menning. Bogaczyk joined the meeting <br /> at 5:36 p.m. Absent: Faux and Price. <br /> Also present: Leisure Services Director Todd Seaman, Administrative Assistant Hungerford and <br /> City Council Liaison John Edwards. <br /> Motion by Marquardt, second by Sheffield to approve the Agenda. Ayes: Marquardt, Sheffield, <br /> Vance, and Menning. Nays: None. Motion Carried. <br /> Citizen's Presentation/Public Comment: <br /> None <br /> Consent Items: <br /> Motion by Vance, second by Marquardt to approve the Consent Items. 4a. Minutes dated April 21, <br /> 2014; 4b. Financial Reports April 2014 and May 2014; 4c. Revenue Reports April 2014 and May <br /> 2014; 4d. Attendance Reports April 2014 and May 2014; 4e. Circulation Reports April 2014 and <br /> May 2014. Ayes: Vance, Marquardt, Sheffield and Menning. Nays: None. Motion Carried. <br /> Friends Report: <br /> The Friends account at the credit union has been closed and the money transferred to the Library's <br /> Trust and Agency Account. The Clive Community Foundation will probably not be ready until this <br /> Fall. The 5016 forms have been filed. <br /> Director's Report: <br /> -New furnishings have been added to both the teen and children's areas. <br /> - Some changes have been done to the front entry area of the library to make it more welcoming. <br /> The media area was reconfigured and items in the outer entryway were simplified. Plans are <br /> underway for additional enhancements. <br /> - Director Seaman reviewed a comparison of board duties between the City of Clive and the State <br /> of Iowa's codes. In most Iowa libraries, the Board of Trustees serve as the controlling body, <br /> however at the City of Clive the Trustees serve as an advisory board. <br /> - The video of the library's space needs, to be used in conjunction with the Town Hall meetings, <br /> was shown to the Board. <br /> President's Report: <br /> - Town Hall meetings are being held on the Town Center Project. RFP's have been sent out and are <br /> due back in August. The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for June 18 in the Council Chambers. <br /> Old Business: <br /> None <br />