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Clive City Council Meeting <br /> Regular Session <br /> July 17, 2014 <br /> The regular meeting of the Clive City Council was held Thursday, July 17, 2014 in the Clive City Hall <br /> Council Chambers. <br /> Mayor Cirksena presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was <br /> recited. Council members present were: John Edwards, Susan Judkins (arrived at 6:03 p.m.), Eric <br /> Klein, Michael McCoy and Ted Weaver. Absent: None. <br /> Edwards moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Klein. Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br /> McCoy, Weaver. Nays: None. <br /> George Augsburger, 1245 NW 78th Street, spoke to Council regarding driveway, access and <br /> occupancy issues. Staff was directed to further review the issues and report back to Council. <br /> Edwards moved to approve the consent items and those Resolutions contained therein, seconded by <br /> Klein. 4a. Minutes dated 6-19-14. 4b; Bill List dated 6-30-14; 4c. Bill List dated 7-14-14; 4d. Water <br /> Reconciliation Report-June 2014; 4e. Treasurer's Report- May 2014; 4f. City Clerk's Dept Report- <br /> June 2014; 4g. Building Dept Report-June 2014; 4h. Fire Dept Report-June 2014; 4i. Leisure <br /> Services Report-June 2014; 4j. Police Dept Report-June 2014; 4k. Public Works Dept Report- <br /> June 2014; 41. Approve Class C Beer Permit renewal -Namaste India SuperMarket, 7700 University <br /> Ave, Suite A& B; 4m. Approve Special Class C Liquor License renewal -Zuzap, 12871 University Ave; <br /> 4n. Approve Class C Liquor License, Brew Pub, High Proof Brew Pub, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales <br /> renewal -Granite City, 12801 University Ave; 40. Approve Class C Beer Permit, Sunday Sales <br /> renewal -Casey's General Store#2099, 2250 Woodlands Pkwy; 4p. Approve Catering Privilege, <br /> Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales renewal -Tostel's Dish, 12851 University Ave Suite 400; 4q. <br /> Approve Cigarette/Tobacco Permit Renewal, Flying Moose-8980 Hickman Rd; 4r. Approve Pay <br /> Request#2 (final)- Municipal Pipe &Tool Co. Inc-2013/14 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project- <br /> $4,026.57; 4s. Approve Pay Request#2-Snyder&Assoc. Inc-Walnut Creek Floodplain Modeling & <br /> Mapping Project-$11,250; 4t. Approve Pay Request#1 - Nilles Associates-Walnut Creek Stream <br /> Assessment Update Project-$11,850; 4u. Approve Pay Request#9- Reynolds Urban Design - <br /> Town Center Neighborhood Master Plan -$1,112.78; 4v. Approve Pay Request#2-Construction <br /> Services Inc-86 h Streetscape Phase III Project-$3,795.29; 4w. Approve Pay Request#1 -Snyder <br /> &Assoc. Inc- 138th & University Ave Intersection Traffic Review-$808; 4x. Approve Pay Request#1 <br /> - McClure Engineering Co. - Interstate 80/35 & Hickman Rd Interchange Study-$99,810; 4y. <br /> Approve Pay Request#3-Sternquist Construction, Inc- NW 103 d St& Lincoln Ave PCC <br /> Reconstruction Project-$143,643.99; 4z. Resolution No. 2014-128 approving Change Order#1 - <br /> J&K Contracting, LLC North Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Project- ($43,924.80); 4aa. Resolution <br /> No. 2014-129 accepting work-J&K Contracting, LLC North Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer Project; <br /> 4bb. Approve Pay Request#4 (final)-J&K Contracting, LLC North Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer <br /> Project-$9,585.55; 4cc. Approve Purchase- Public Works-Sewer Video Inspection Camera- <br /> Elliott Equipment Co. -$32,450; 4dd. Resolution No.2014-130 authorizing agreement-Economic <br /> Concrete Services, Inc. -contractor for sidewalk repairs-2014 Sidewalk Repair Program; 4ee. <br /> Resolution No. 2014-131 authorizing agreement- Economic Concrete Services, Inc- 1250 NW 86tH <br /> St driveway restoration project-$17,000; 4ff. Resolution No. 2014-132 approving disposal of surplus <br /> property; 4gg. Resolution No. 2014-133 approving temporary street closing - Block Party-1941 NW <br /> 81s St-7-18-14-5:OOp.m. - 11:00�.m.; 4hh. Resolution No. 2014-134 approving temporary street <br /> closing - Block Party- 1937 NW 89t St-8-9-14-5:OOp.m. - 11:00p.m.; 4ii. Resolution No. 2014- <br /> 135 approving temporary street closing -Block Party-2795 NW 159th St-7-26-14-4:OOp.m. - <br /> 11:00p.m.; 4jj. Resolution No. 2014-136 approving temporary street closing - Block Party- 16884 <br /> Iltis Ct-8-9-14- Noon - 11:00p.m.; 4kk. Resolution No. 2014-137 approving temporary street <br /> closing - Block Party- 17376 Berkshire Pkwy-8-2-14-2:OOp.m. - 11:00p.m.; 411. Resolution No. <br /> 2014-138 accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete-Stonegate Townhomes Plat 1, Lot 54- <br /> 2707 NW 154th Ct; 4mm. Resolution No. 2014-139 accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete <br /> -Stonegate Townhomes Plat 1, Lot 55-2715 NW 154th Ct; 4nn. Resolution No. 2014-140 accepting <br /> Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete-Stonegate Townhomes Plat 1, Lot 53-2704 NW 154th St; <br />