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<br />AGENDA <br />CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br />DATE:Thursday, March 12, 2015 1900 NW 114th Street <br />TIME:6:00 p.m.Clive, IA 50325 <br />Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance <br />1. <br />Approval of the Agenda <br />2. <br />Citizen’s Presentation <br />3. <br />Consent Items <br />4. <br />a.Minutes dated 2-26-15 <br />b.Bill List dated 3-9-15 <br />th <br />c.Approve Class C Liquor License –Temporary (3-dayspecial event) Outdoor Service Area –Micky’s Irish Pub, 1800 NW 86St <br />th <br />d.Approve Class B Native Wine, Class C Beer Permit, Sunday SalesRenewal–Country Inn & Suites, 1350 NW 118St <br />e.Approve Class B Wine Permit, Class C Beer Permit, Class E Liquor License, Sunday Sales Application –Dahl’s,15500 <br />Hickman Rd <br />f.Approve Special Class C Liquor License (Beer/Wine), Sunday Sales Renewal –Z’Mariks Noodle Café, 12655 University Ave <br />Resolution <br />g.approving service agreement–Stone Cross Lawn & Landscape –certain city-owned propertymowing services <br />th <br />Resolution <br />h.approving professional services agreement –Snyder & Assoc. –149St & Buena Vista Dr Drainage Study – <br />$9,500 <br />Resolution <br />i.approving partial Release of Amendment to Development Agreement –Woodlands Creek Reserve <br />Resolution <br />j.approving updated Bylaws –Park Board <br />Resolution <br />k.approving updated Bylaws –Library Board <br />l.Approve Pay Request #1 –Shive-Hattery–Public Works Engineering Office Remodel –$3,900 <br />m.Approve pay rate for Greg Slaughter –Operations Specialist –Public Works –$46,450 –start date 3-30-15 <br />n.Approve Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor Permit Renewal, Dahl’s (new owner), 15500 W. Hickman Road <br />Ordinance No. 997 <br />5. <br />rd <br />Consideration of Ordinance No. 997 regarding home-based businesses <br />a.3 <br />Resolution <br />b.approving amended City of Clive Fee Schedule <br />General Obligation Urban Renewal Refunding Bonds, Series 2015B <br />6. <br />a. Report of bids received for sale ofbonds <br />Resolution <br />b.approving Agreement for Municipal Advisory Services –PFM <br />Resolution <br />c.awarding Sale of General Obligation Urban Renewal Refunding Bonds, Series 2015B <br />Pittsburgh Des Moines Place <br />7. <br />rd <br />Consideration Ordinance No. 999 pertaining to rezoning Pittsburgh Des Moines Place Plat 3 <br />a.3 <br />b.Motion to approve Pittsburgh Des Moines Place Plat 7 Preliminary Plat <br />Resolution <br />c.approving Pittsburgh Des Moines Place Plat 7 Final Plat <br />st <br />Fischer Acres, 1450-1458 NW 81St <br />8. <br />a.Motion to approve Fischer Acres Plat 3 Preliminary Plat <br />Resolution <br />b.approving Fischer Acres Plat 3 Final Plat <br />Public Hearings6:00 p.m. <br />9. <br />1.2015 Residential PCC Pavement RehabilitationProject <br />Resolution <br />a.approving plans and specifications <br />b.Receipt of bids <br />Resolution <br />c.awarding contract <br />2.FY 15/16 Budget <br />Resolution <br />a.approving FY 15/16 Budget <br />Consideration of Proposed Utility Rate Adjustments FY16 <br />10. <br />a. 1st Consideration of Proposed Ordinance No.1000pertaining to Sewer Rates <br />b.1st Consideration of Proposed Ordinance No. 1001 pertaining to Storm Water Rates <br />Resolution <br />c.approving amended residential Solid Waste Rates <br />Motion to approve purchase –way finding signage (fabrication & installation) –Parker Signs –$64,270 <br />11. <br />Resolution <br />approving professional services contracts –2015 Art Along the Trail Exhibit <br />12. <br />Resolution <br />setting Public Hearing (4-9-15, 6:00 p.m.) –Annexationof property –Douglas Parkway <br />13. <br />Council Member Committee Reports <br />14. <br />Assistant City Manager’s Report <br />15. <br />City Manager’sReport <br />16. <br />Correspondence <br />17. <br />Adjournment <br />18. <br />3/9/2015 4:29 PM <br />