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MINUTES <br /> CLIVE PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD <br /> Monday, May 4 2015 <br /> Council Chambers <br /> 190ONVVf14mStreet <br /> Preemnt--Be||, Cnavvhord, Martin, Read, 8hot|er, Weiler <br /> Absent--Romundt <br /> Chairperson Crawford called the meeting b»order <br /> Reed made o/notion to approve the agenda, seconded byShetlec Ayes: Bell, Crawford, Martin, <br /> Reed, Shotter, Weiler. Nays: none. <br /> Bell made emotion to approve the minutesfrom March 2, 20/5, seconded byReed. Ayes: Boll, <br /> Crawford, Martin, Reed, Shetter, Weiler. Nays: nom*. <br /> Citizen presentation: None. <br /> 0>d Business: <br /> a. Update on Campbell <br /> instead of a service permit, there is a permit similar to what grocery and convenience stores <br /> use in the <br /> the need for dram shop insurance. <br /> vvamdet�rmi � -that the liabilityd �alcohol exemption in the <br /> City's insurance policy. submitted todetermine acost <br /> ofthe dram insurance. Once the cost ioreceived, adecision will bemade regarding alcohol <br /> sales based ondram shop insurance costs vs. sales revenue. <br /> New Business: <br /> ' <br /> o. Fallen Tree Policy Currently there is written policy regarding responsibility due to <br /> approval.issues of trees and branches falling between City-owned property and privately-owned <br /> property. Staff presented the Board with input from staff and the Tree Board regarding a <br /> policy and was seeking input from the Park Board as well. Upon review, the Board agreed to <br /> move forward with a policy. Director Seaman will draft a policy to clarify responsibilities of <br /> the City and private property owners and it will be reviewed by City administration and legal <br /> services, The policy will be brought back to the Board for formal action and then move <br /> forward for Council <br /> Director's Report: <br /> a. Greenbelt Master Plan—Director Seaman and Park Board member David Bell attended <br /> the first Steering Committee meeting o May 4. Aproject schedule was distributed hoBoard <br /> members toshow the timeline ofthe project. <br /> b. Art Along the Trail Kickoff Event--Ceremony will take place onMay 15ot5:OOp.m. near <br /> the Woodlands Parkway access tothe Greenbelt Trail. All six sculptures have been <br /> installed. <br /> c. Bridge Inspection Shuck-Brinson conducted ocomprehensive inspection nfall Greenbelt <br /> Park trail bridges and culvert crossings. Two bridges were identified for immediate attention. <br /> Staff ioworking unbridges and repairs are nearly complete. <br /> d. KAiem|om Statemnent--Leisure Services Department completed their mission statement at <br /> staff development day inFebruary. <br /> e. Pool Pass Sales--Revenue trending similar tolast year's numbers. <br /> Budget Update: <br /> Director Seaman has been working with the City Clerk to adjust the line items that are over budget. <br /> He is working with staff in order to see true costs per line item so budget can be determined more <br /> accurately for future budgets. <br />