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Cl•- i� <br />Community Development <br />1900 NW 114th ST <br />Clive, IA 50325 <br />(515)223 -6221 <br />BUILDING CODE APPEALS BOARD (515)457 -3091 Fax <br />MEETING MINUTES <br />May 21, 2015 <br />BUNCE CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AT 5:31 P.M. <br />PRESENT: BANNISTER, BRECKENRIDGE, HARRINGTON, VOORHEES, BUNCE <br />STAFF: MAYER, PFALTZGRAFF, RIVERA <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY HARRINGTON, SECONDED BY BRECKENRIDGE to approve <br />March 19, 2015 minutes <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS <br />Case #15 -2001: 2683, 2689, 2683, 2689, 2694, 2696, 2712, 2718 & 2722 NW 165th LN, Variance <br />to 2012 International Residential Code <br />o Section R302 Fire Resistant Construction <br />o Section 8302.1 Exterior Walls <br />The applicant requested a variance to allow for the construction of homes with less than the <br />5' required setback from the interior property line. He felt the homes will meet the required <br />10' separation dictated by the development agreement, thus meeting the intent of the <br />International Residential Code (code). <br />When the original homes were built the code required only a 3' setback. To illustrate the <br />situation, the applicant showed that lot 12 was built 3.86 from the interior lot line. Now that <br />a 5' setback is required and previously approved plans must be used, all homes adjacent to <br />that lot will have difficulty meeting code; a total of nine (9) lots are impacted by this change. <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY BANNISTER, SECONDED BY VOORHEES to grant the variance <br />to 2012 International Residential Code, Sections R302 and R302.1, as requested for Case #15 -2001. <br />The board members felt the intent of the code will be met and there have been two code changes <br />since the original plat was approved (the separation will be no less than 3' - see attached Exhibits <br />A & B for clarification). <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS <br />Being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 6:14 p.m. <br />