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Clive City Council Meeting <br />Regular Session <br />April 23, 2015 <br />The regular meeting of the Clive City Council was held Thursday, April 23, 2015 in the Clive City Hall <br />Council Chambers. Mayor Pro Tem John Edwards presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. <br />The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Council members present were: John Edwards, Susan Judkins, <br />Eric Klein, Michael McCoy, Ted Weaver. Absent: Mayor Scott Cirksena. <br />Klein moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Weaver. Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br />McCoy, Weaver. Nays: None. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Edwards proclaimed May 3 -9, 2015 as Municipal Clerks Week in Clive. <br />Ryan Peterson of RDG presented an overview and update from the Walnut Creek Watershed Authority. <br />David Siebert, 3715 NW 147th St, gave an update for the Clive Chamber. <br />Weaver moved to approve the consent items and those Resolutions contained therein, seconded by <br />Klein. 6a. Minutes dated 4 -9 -15. 6b. Bill List dated 4- 20 -15. 6c. Treasurer's Report - March 2015. 6d. <br />Water Reconciliation Report - March 2015. 6e. City Clerk's Dept Report - March 2015. 6f. Building <br />Dept Report - March 2015. 6g. Fire Dept Report - March 2015. 6h. Leisure Services Report - March <br />2015. 6i. Police Dept Report - March 2015. 6j. Public Works Dept Report - March 2015. 6k. Approve <br />Class C Beer Permit, Sunday Sales Application - Clive Park & Rec /Campbell Park Concession Stand - <br />12385 Woodlands Parkway. 61. Approve Special Class C Liquor License Application - Winefest Des <br />Moines/Willis Auto Campus - 2121 NW 100th St. 6m. Resolution No. 2015 -89 accepting Satisfaction <br />of Agreement to Complete - Cownie Park Plat, Lot 7, 1301 NW 114th St. 6n. Resolution No. 2015 -90 <br />accepting Satisfaction of Agreement to Complete - Woodlands Ridge Plat 1, Lot 19, 12630 Lincoln Cir. <br />6o. Resolution No. 2015 -91 approving temporary street closing - Block Party -1802 NW 155th Ct - 8- <br />29-15 - 4:OOp.m. - 11:OOp.m. 6p. Resolution No. 2015 -92 approving NCMIC Properties, LLC <br />Satisfaction of Development Agreement. 6q. Approve Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement - <br />Fire Dept. Training - 9200, 5431, 15591 Hickman Rd - 4 -24 to 12- 31 -15. 6r. Approve Pay Request #1 <br />- Hydro Clean - 2014/15 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project - $84,002.33. 6s. Approve sale of <br />Combination JetNac Sewer truck to City of Waukee - $100,000. 6t. Approve purchase of Public Works <br />Combination JetNac Sewer Cleaning Unit - Trans Iowa Equipment - $407,784. 6u. Approve purchase <br />of Public Works pick -up truck - Stew Hansen's - $35,724. 6v. Approve Pay Rate - Lisa -Marie Rohlf - <br />Part Time Library Sheiver - $8.25 hr - Start date 4- 29 -15. Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br />McCoy, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Edwards announced this was the time and place for a public hearing pertaining to <br />Rezoning - Woodlands Creek Retirement from R -3 to PUD. <br />The City Clerk advised notice of the hearing was published in the Clive/West Des Moines Register on <br />April 10, 2015. <br />No written objections were filed and no oral objections were offered from the audience. <br />Klein moved to close the public hearing, seconded by Weaver. Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Klein, Judkins, <br />McCoy, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br />Klein moved that Ordinance No. 1003, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES <br />OF THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA, 2000" BY AMENDING THE OFFICIAL ZONING MAP AND ZONING <br />DISTRICT BOUNDARIES BY REZONING CERTAIN PROPERTY LOCATED EAST OF NW 128TH ST <br />AND NORTH OF WOODLANDS PARKWAY IN THE CITY OF CLIVE, IOWA, FROM R -3 (MULTIPLE <br />FAMILY RESIDENCE DISTRICT) TO PUD (PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT) having been considered <br />by the council for the first time, be voted on for passage prior to its final adoption, seconded by Weaver. <br />Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, McCoy, Weaver. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br />