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Clive Public Arts Commission Meeting <br /> Minutes <br /> June 1, 2015 <br /> Present: Josh Dreyer, Faith Garnaas, Karen Tracy Levine, Tom Murphy, Dr. Vicky <br /> Poole, Michael Alowitz, Todd Seaman, and Alex Pfaltzgraff of Clive Community <br /> Development <br /> Absent: Kathy Butler Klein <br /> Call to Order: Chairperson Josh Dreyer called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. <br /> Approval of Agenda: A motion was made by Dr. Vicky Poole to approve the Clive Public <br /> Arts Advisory Commission (PAAC) April 6 agenda and seconded by Faith Garnaas. <br /> Carried. <br /> Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Tom Murphy to approve the April 6 minutes <br /> and seconded by Faith Garnaas. Carried. <br /> Welcome/Intro New Members: We now have a full arts commission! The two new <br /> members are Michael Alowitz and Kathy Butler Klein. Although Kathy was not able to <br /> attend the meeting, Michael was present and introduced himself. <br /> Natural Grocers Mural Discussion: Alex Pfaltzgraff, Clive City Planner, informed the <br /> commission of the new grocery store being constructed at 86th and Hickman Rd. in Clive <br /> called Natural Grocers. He stated that there was an opportunity for some public art on <br /> the south side of the building. The grocer is looking for some general direction on what <br /> type of art to choose. Although the mural would not be part of Clive's public art <br /> collection and the final mural decision will be up to the grocer, he stated it would be nice <br /> to get the Art Commission's opinion. Alex brought a couple mural design samples, and <br /> suggested the mural to be of an "abstract" look. The commission agreed and also <br /> suggested that it can and/or should be something that represents Iowa. It is also <br /> important to keep in mind the grocer's budget. <br /> Marasco Update: <br /> a. Public Vote for Name: Todd provided the update. He advised there is a platform <br /> on the City website in which people can vote for the name. An e-mail was sent <br /> out with possible options. Once the votes are tallied, the results will be presented <br /> to the commission where a final decision will need to be made. <br /> b. Funding- Unfortunately, the grant Matt McQuillen qualified for was not approved. <br /> Matt will begin making more phone calls and commission members are <br /> encouraged to continue to share any organizations they believe might be helpful. <br /> There is still around a $30,000 to $40,000 gap to be bridged. <br />