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Clive City Council Meeting <br /> Regular Session <br /> July 23, 2015 <br /> The regular meeting of the Clive City Council was held Thursday, July 23, 2015 in the Clive City Hall <br /> Council Chambers. Mayor Pro Tem Edwards presided and called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The <br /> Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Council members present were: John Edwards, Susan Judkins, Eric <br /> Klein, Michael McCoy. Absent: Mayor Cirksena, Ted Weaver. <br /> Klein moved to approve the agenda, seconded by McCoy. Roll Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br /> McCoy. Nays: None. <br /> David Siebert, 3715 NW 147th St, gave an update for the Clive Chamber. David also spoke to council <br /> regarding the Summer Breeze 5K Event being sponsored by NCMIC in Clive on August 16 at 9:00 a.m. <br /> with proceeds going to the Unity Point Foundation. <br /> Leisure Services presented Process Improvement measures. Aquatic Center Managers Ila & Casey <br /> shared ideas regarding guard transitioning at breaks and storage/cleanup improvements. Nicole <br /> Morgan shared the Library's ideas regarding improving the incident report process. <br /> Klein moved to approve the consent items and those Resolutions contained therein, seconded by <br /> Judkins. 5a. Minutes dated 7-9-15; 5b. Bill List dated 7-20-15; 5c. Treasurers Report—June 2015; 5d. <br /> Water Reconciliation Report—June 2015; 5e. City Clerk's Dept Report—June 2015; 5f. Building Dept <br /> Report—June 2015; 5g. Fire Dept Report—June 2015; 5h. Leisure Services Report—June 2015; 5i. <br /> Police Dept Report—June 2015; 5j. Public Works Dept Report—June 2015; 5k. Approve Special <br /> Class C Liquor License, Outdoor Service Application (One Day)Gateway Market/NCMIC, 14001 <br /> University; 51. Approve Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal — Flying Moose, 8980 <br /> Hickman Rd; 5m. Approve Class C Liquor License, Brew Pub, High Proof Brew Pub, Outdoor Service, <br /> Sunday Sales Renewal —Granite City Food & Brewery, 12801 University; 5n. Resolution No. 2015- <br /> 173 approving temporary street closing —Block Party— 15022 Summit Dr—8-15-15, Noon-11:00p.m.; <br /> 50. Resolution No. 2015-174 approving temporary street closing —Block Party—2170 NW 138th St— <br /> 8-15-15, 4:00-11:00p.m.; 5p. Resolution No. 2015-175 approving temporary street closing — Block <br /> Party— 15899 Boston Pkwy—8-15-15, 3:00p.m.-11:00p.m.; 5q. Resolution No. 2015-176 approving <br /> temporary street closing — Block Party— 1531 NW 92nd Street (Clark St)—8-1-15, 3:00p.m.-11:00p.m.; <br /> 5r. Resolution No. 2015-177 approving transfer from City Wide Facility Improvements to Parks <br /> Maintenance Facility Improvements—$350,000; 5s. Resolution No. 2015-178 approving Satisfaction <br /> of Agreement to Complete—Woodlands Ridge Plat 1, lot 22— 12734 Lincoln Cir; 5t. Resolution No. <br /> 2015-179 approving Change Order#1 —Grimes Asphalt& Paving Corporation —2014 Greenbelt Trail <br /> HMA Restoration Project—$4,844.31; 5u. Approve Pay Request#2—Snyder&Assoc. — 149th St and <br /> Buena Vista Drive Drainage Study—$3,325; 5v. Approve Pay Request—City of Waukee— 1/3 share <br /> of Outdoor Warning System upgrade cost—$2,667; 5w. Approve Pay Request#2—Shive-Hattery— <br /> Parks Maintenance Building Renovation — programming &design —$3,072.16; 5x. Approve Pay <br /> Request#5 (final)—Shive-Hattery— Public Safety Facility Study—$2,400; 5y. Resolution No. 2015- <br /> 180 approving IDOT Sign Replacement Application —2015— Public Works; 5z. Resolution No. 2015- <br /> 181 approving Job Description —Water Resources Engineer. Call: Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br /> McCoy. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br /> Mayor Pro Tem Edwards announced this was the time and place for a public hearing pertaining to the <br /> 2014 Sidewalk Repair Program Special Assessments. <br /> The Deputy City Clerk advised notice of the hearing was published in the Clive/West Des Moines <br /> Register on July 3 & 10, 2015. <br /> No written objections were filed and no oral objections were offered from the audience. <br /> Klein moved to close the public hearing, seconded by McCoy. Roll Call:Ayes: Edwards, Judkins, Klein, <br /> McCoy. Nays: None. Motion carried. <br />