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AGENDA <br /> CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> DATE: Thursday, August 27, 2015 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> TIME: 6:00 p.m. Clive, IA 50325 <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance <br /> 2. Approval of the Agenda <br /> 3. Tim Kirgan — Iowa Municipalities Workers' Compensation Association — Program Update <br /> 4. Citizen's Presentation <br /> 5. Consent Items <br /> a. Minutes dated 8-13-15, 8-4-15, 8-6-15, 8-8-15 <br /> b. Bill List dated 8-24-15 <br /> c. Treasurers Report—July 2015 <br /> d. Water Reconciliation Report—July 2015 <br /> e. City Clerk's Dept Report—July 2015 <br /> f. Building Dept Report—July 2015 <br /> g. Fire Dept Report—July 2015 <br /> h. Leisure Services Report—July 2015 <br /> i. Police Dept Report—July 2015 <br /> j. Public Works Dept Report—July 2015 <br /> k. Resolution approving disposal of Surplus Property <br /> I. Approve Special Class C Liquor License renewal—Best Western Clive Inn &Suites, 1450 NW 118th St <br /> m. Approve Class B Liquor License, Class B Wine Permit, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales renewal —Courtyard by Marriott, 1520 <br /> NW 114th St <br /> n. Approve Class C Liquor License renewal—John &Nicks Steak&Prime Rib, 15970 Hickman Rd <br /> o. Approve Class C Liquor License new application —KIK Properties, 8410 Hickman Rd <br /> p. Approve Special Class C Liquor License, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales renewal —RedRossa, 12695 University Ave <br /> q. Approve Class C Liquor License renewal—Trostel's Dish, 12851 University Ave, Suite 400 <br /> r. Approve Class C Wine Permit, Class C Beer Permit, Sunday Sales renewal—European Flavors, 1150 73rd Street <br /> s. Approve Cigarette/Tobacco/Vapor Permit Application, Central Iowa Vapors, LLC— 15960 Hickman <br /> t. Approve Pay Request#3 (final)—National Research Center—2015 Quality of Life Survey—$3,000 <br /> u. Approve Pay Request#3—RDG Planning &Design—Greenbelt Master Plan—$23,760 <br /> v. Approve Pay Request#3—TK Concrete, Inc.—2015 Residential PCC Pavement Rehabilitation Project—$59,730.92 <br /> w. Resolution approving Change Order#2—Grimes Asphalt&Paving Corp. —NW 142nd St HMA Resurfacing Project—6,526.07 <br /> x. Approve Pay Request#4 (final)—Grimes Asphalt&Paving Corp. —NW 142nd St HMA Resurfacing Project— $25,022.60 <br /> y. Approve Pay Request#1 —Shive-Hattery—Design—City Hall Roof Top Unit RTU Retrofit Project—$19,505.13 <br /> z. Resolution approving funding agreement with IDOT—University Ave HMA Resurfacing Project[STP-U-1425(625)--70-77] <br /> aa. Resolution accepting 1 I Amendment to Surface Water Flowage Easement—Huntington Ridge Plat 3, Lot 4—12864 Clark St <br /> 6. Resolution approving training contract—2016 Continuous Improvement Training —DMACC Business Resources <br /> 7. Public Works Building HVAC Improvements <br /> a. Discussion of HVAC Study by Shive-Hattery <br /> b. Resolution approving contract for Professional Services—Shive-Hattery <br /> 8. Potential Motion to Reconsider—Ordinance No. 1006 <br /> a. Motion to Reconsider <br /> b. Ordinance No. 1006—Zoning Ordinance Amendment—Automobile Related uses <br /> 9. Council Member Committee Reports <br /> 10. Assistant City Manager's Report <br /> 11. City Manager's Report <br /> 12. Correspondence <br /> 13. Adjournment <br /> 8/24/2015 2:36 PM <br />