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Board of Adjustment <br />Staff Report <br />TO: Board of Adjustment Members <br />FROM: Doug 011endike, AICP <br />DA'I'F;: February 15, 2012 <br />RE: Case #12 -1003: 16824 Iltis CT <br />Clive <br />Clive Community <br />Development Department <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: <br />Requested Action <br />RELEVANT CASE HISTORY: <br />• February 21, 2012: <br />• October 19, 2010: <br />• June 15, 2010: <br />• September 16, 2008: <br />Richard David Roush <br />• Variance to Section 11-4-7-A-1 (Accessory <br />buildings shall be constructed in rear yards <br />only) <br />• Variance to Section 11- 4-7 -A -2 (Accessory <br />buildings shall be built no less than ten feet <br />(10') from a principal building or any other <br />accessory building) <br />1925 NW 86th ST- To allow an accessory building to encroach <br />into the required 5 -foot rear /side yard setback (Denied) <br />14503 Summit DR - To allow building addition (storage shed <br />underneath deck) encroachment into rear setback (Granted due <br />to topography, easements, etc. which wouldn't allow the <br />storage shed to be placed anywhere else on the property) <br />2773 NW 152nd ST - To allow deck to exceed 50 square -feet <br />within dedicated side yard (Granted due to staff error at the <br />time of building permit review) <br />8145 University BLVD - To allow an accessory building (roof) <br />to encroach into the required 10 foot setback from a primary <br />structure (Granted due to the protection needed for the animal <br />run) <br />Clive Community Development Department 1900 NW 114th Street, Clive, IA 50325 -7077 Phone 515- 223 -6221 Fax 515 - 457 -3091 <br />