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Memo <br />TO: Board of Adjustment <br />FROM: Doug 011endike, Community Development Director <br />DATE: 3/14/2012 <br />RE: 1925 NW 86th Street <br />Clive´┐Ż <br />astct ?'1 <br />Clive Community <br />Development Department <br />As you will recall from the previous meeting, the Board of Adjustment heard a variance request <br />from Glacier Properties associated with their property at 1925 NW 86th Street. Glacier <br />Properties requested a variance to allow an accessory building to be located closer than 5 -feet <br />from the side and rear lot lines. As shown in the attached minutes, the Board of Adjustment <br />denied the variance request. <br />The applicant has revised his application slightly and is now requesting that the Board of <br />Adjustment reconsider the request base on the new /additional information identified in the <br />attached correspondence. <br />If it is the pleasure of the Board of Adjustment, a member of the prevailing side of the original <br />motion (Maigaard, Behrends or Poken) could make a motion to reconsider the request. If the <br />motion is seconded and approved by three member of the Board of Adjustment, the case could <br />be reconsidered at the next Board of Adjustment meeting on April 17th following appropriate <br />notice to surrounding property owners. Alternatively, if a motion to reconsider is not passed by <br />the Board of Adjustment, the case will be considered closed and the property owner will be <br />compelled to comply with the current ordinance requirements. <br />Please feel free to contact me at 223 -6221 or at if you have any <br />question or need additional information prior to the meeting. <br />Clive Community Development Department 1900 NW 114th Street, Clive, IA 50325 -7077 Phone 515- 223 -6221 Fax 515 - 457 -3091 <br />