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3/18/2012 <br />Dear Board of Adjustment, <br />As the neighbor directly to the northwest and closet to the shed of Richard Roush at 16824 Iltis <br />Ct., I am in favor of the variances below. <br />Variance to Section 11- 4 -7 -A -1 (Accessory <br />buildings shall be constructed in rear yards <br />only) <br />Variance to Section 11- 4 -7 -A -2 (Accessory <br />buildings shall be built no less than ten feet <br />(10') from a principal building or any other <br />accessory building) <br />We feel that the shed does not have a negative impact on the character of the property or <br />property values. Richard's property is in a unique situation in our neighborhood due to the <br />restrictions of the water flow easement in his back yard limiting his space to place the shed. <br />Any other place in his yard would take away from usable space. <br />Sincerely, <br />M <br />Dan and JoCindy Marsh <br />16831 Iltis Ct <br />Clive, IA 50325 <br />