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REVISED AGENDA <br /> CLIVE CITY COUNCIL <br /> DATE: Thursday, September 24, 2015 1900 NW 114th Street <br /> TIME: 6:00 p.m. Clive, IA 50325 <br /> 1. Call to Order/Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance <br /> 2. Approval of the Agenda <br /> 3. Citizen's Presentation <br /> 4. Consent Items <br /> a. Minutes dated 9-10-15 <br /> b. Bill List dated 9-21-15 <br /> d. Water Reconciliation Report—August 2015 <br /> e. City Clerk's Dept Report—August 2015 <br /> f. Building Dept Report—August 2015 <br /> g. Fire Dept Report—August 2015 <br /> h. Leisure Services Report—August 2015 <br /> i. Police Dept Report—August 2015 <br /> j. Public Works Dept Report—August 2015 <br /> k. Approve Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor Permit Application, Treasures, 2250 1800 NW 861h St, Stet <br /> I. Approve Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Application—Nacho Tequilas, 1945 NW 861h St <br /> m. Approve Class C Liquor License Renewal—West Des Moines Elk Lodge2752, 2060 NW 94th St <br /> n. Approve Class C Liquor License, Outdoor Service, Sunday Sales, Catering Privilege Renewal—Wobbly Boots, 1301 NW 114th <br /> o. Approve Class C Liquor License, Sunday Sales Renewal—Club Car Restaurant, 13435 University Ave <br /> p. Approve Class C Liquor License, Sales Renewal—Chili's Southwest Grill, 11411 Forest Ave <br /> q. Approve Class C Liquor License (5-day)Application—Hy-Vee/Willis Auto Event, 2121 NW 100th St <br /> r. Approve Purchase—Stivers Ford— replacement vehicles (3)—Police Department— $89,533 <br /> s. Approve Pay Request#4—RDG Planning &Design—Greenbelt Master Plan—$15,840 <br /> t. Approve Pay Request#4—TK Concrete, Inc.—2015 Residential PCC Pavement Rehabilitation Project—$18,331.43 <br /> u. Approve Pay Request#2—Shive-Hattery—City Hall Roof Top Unit(RTU) Retrofit Project—$2,102.28 <br /> v. Approve Pay Request#1 —T. Peters, LLC—2015 Sidewalk Repair Program—$1,634 <br /> w. Resolution authorizing City Clerk to destroy certain records of the city <br /> x. Resolution approving temporary street closing—Block Party— 13932 Lake Pointe Dr— 10-3-15,4:00-10:00p.m. <br /> y. Resolution approving IDOT Annual City Street Financial Report <br /> z. Resolution approving Job Description—Community Service Officer <br /> aa. Resolution approving Job Descriptions—FD Asst. Chief—Fire Marshal, FD Asst. Chief—Operations, FD Asst. Chief— <br /> Training, FD Lieutenant(POC), FD Lieutenant <br /> bb. Resolution approving Job Descriptions—Recreation Manager, Recreation Coordinator <br /> cc. Resolution of Formal Record of Action Amendment&Restatement of City of Clive 457 Plan (PCS) <br /> dd. Resolution to file lien—nuisance abatement(mowing)—1712 NW 100th Place <br /> ee. Resolution accepting 1 I Amendment to Drainage Easement— Indian Hills Plat 8, Lot 71 —1463 NW 102nd St <br /> ff. Resolution accepting 1 I Amendment to Storm Sewer and Surface Water Flowage Easement—Berkshire North Plat 5, Lot 8— <br /> 16662 Maple St <br /> gg. Resolution accepting 15t Amendment to Drainage Easement—Berkshire North Plat 5, Lot 8— 16662 Maple St <br /> hh. Receive and File Board of Adjustment minutes 9-15-2015 <br /> ii. Approve 2015-2016 Urban Deer Management Program application form <br /> jj. Resolution approving salary adjustment(Eric Kallem—$77,762.35)and adjusting Minimum Entry Level ($68,150)—Fire <br /> Lieutenant <br /> 5. Resolution approving the Clive 2015-2020 Strategic Plan <br /> 6. Motion to Approve Site Plan Amendment—515 Brewing Co. (Patio), 7700 University Ave <br /> 7. Resolution authorizing Property Acquisition — 1230 Douglas Parkway— Douglas Parkway Improvement Project <br /> 8. Resolution setting date of public hearing — 10-8-15, 6:00 p.m. — Proposed Telecommunication Facility— New Cingular <br /> Wireless PCS, LLC <br /> 9. Council Member Committee Reports <br /> 10. Assistant City Manager's Report <br /> 11. City Manager's Report <br /> 12. Correspondence <br /> 13. Adjournment <br /> 9/22/2015 4:11 PM <br />