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Clive Public Arts Commission Meeting <br /> Minutes <br /> October 5, 2015 <br /> Present: Faith Garnaas, Tracy Levine, Tom Murphy, Dr. Vicky Poole, Kathy Butler-Klein, Todd <br /> Seaman <br /> Absent: Josh Dreyer, Michael Alowitz <br /> Call to Order: Secretary Tracy Levine called the meeting to order at 5:38 p.m. <br /> Approval of Agenda: A motion was made by Poole to approve the Clive Public Arts Advisory <br /> Commission (PARC) October 5 agenda and seconded by Garnaas. Carried. <br /> Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Murphy to approve the August 3 minutes and <br /> seconded by Garnaas. Carried. <br /> Marasco Project: <br /> a. Name Recommendation <br /> The commission agreed on a name for the Marasco piece. Poole made a motion to <br /> approve "Radiance" as the name; seconded by Murphy. Carried. <br /> b. Fundraising Event <br /> The public art fundraising event will be held at NCMIC on Tuesday, November 10th at <br /> 5:30 p.m., with the ceremony beginning at 6:00 p.m. Members are requested to attend if <br /> possible. <br /> Art Along the Trail 2016: <br /> a. Call for Artists 2016 <br /> The Call for Artists will take place in November. The applications are due in early <br /> January, reviewed by the selection panel and the commission in February, then passed <br /> on to City Council for approval. Art pieces are then installed by May 1 and displayed until <br /> October 2016. <br /> b. Recommendation for Additional Art Locations <br /> Staff presented four new art locations for the commission to consider for the expansion <br /> of Art Along the Trail. After discussion there were three new locations recommended for <br /> the Art Along the Trail. They are: Aquatic Center, Country Club Dam, and Country Club <br /> Glen Park. Garnaas moved to approve the above locations, seconded by Poole. Carried. <br /> c. Art Selection for 2015 <br /> The commission members made the unanimous decision of purchasing "Slow <br /> Awakening" as a permanent art piece that will be purchased from this year's Art Along <br /> the Trail and will add it to the city's permanent collection. The location choices will be <br /> provided at December's meeting. <br /> Discussion — Public Art Master Plan: The consensus from the members present was the current <br /> plan lays a good foundation, and new ideas are needed to keep it vibrant. A few additions were <br /> also suggested. <br /> a. Changes/Additions: Change the plan to acquire just one piece of artwork per year, <br /> and work on adding more natural elements to 86th Street corridor. <br />