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Clive <br />Community Development <br />1900 NW 114th ST <br />Clive, IA 50325 <br />(515)223 -6221 <br />BUILDING CODE APPEALS BOARD (515)457-3091 Fax <br />MEETING MINUTES <br />April 9, 2014 <br />BUNCE CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AT 5:30 P.M. <br />PRESENT: BANNISTER, BRECKENRIDGE, BUNCE, HARRINGTON (5:32), <br />VOORHEES <br />STAFF: OLLENDIKE, CHURCHILL, MAYER, RIVERA <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY BANNISTER, SECONDED BY VOORHEES to approve <br />March 27, 2014 minutes <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS (Harrington not available for vote) <br />Energy Conservation Code <br />Ryan Mayer presented the changes to be expected with the new Energy Conservation Code. <br />Community Development Policies statements and proposed practices <br />Churchill requested clarification /guidance on existing policies: <br />Electrical <br />Continue the service panel upgrades policy according to board's motion on DATE <br />Consider more stringent code update at the next code update cycle. <br />(2015 codes in 2018 ?) <br />Covenant enforcement <br />Currently, staff will require a letter from the HOA, require changes to the covenants, etc. <br />Since the development agreements are essentially an ordinance, these should continue to be <br />enforced. However, for private association covenants, a permit can be issued with a stamp <br />or verbiage stating they are responsible for ensuring the project meets the covenants. <br />Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (Temp CO) <br />The current policy is to issue a temp CO for inclement weather, which can be due to cold, <br />wet or drought related issues delaying the installation of sod, trees and possibly other issues <br />such as concrete work. The current procedure requires the contractor to sign an agreement <br />to complete (ATC), pay a $100 fee and deposit (usually) $2,500 in the form of a cashier's <br />