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I' <br />REGISTER <br />MEDIA <br />A GANNETT COMPANY <br />AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION <br />State of Iowa <br />County of Polk, ss.: <br />The undersigned, being first duly sworn on oath, states that The Des Moines Register and Tribune Company, a <br />corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of Iowa, with its principal place of business in <br />Des Moines, Iowa, the publisher of <br />THE DES MOINES REGISTER <br />newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the City of Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, and that an <br />advertisement, a printed copy of which is attached as Exhibit "A" and made part of this affidavit, was printed and published <br />in The Des Moines Register on the following dates: <br />Ad No. <br />Start Date: <br />Run Dates: <br />Cost: <br />0001733030 11/18/16 11/18/16 $51.01 <br />Copy of Advertisement <br />Exhibit "A" <br />Thi/4 <br />fez 1 <br />Staff merfiber, Registe4 <br />Subscribed and sworn'to before me by said affiant this <br />21th day of November 2016 <br />• .".• <br />a <br />ANDREA HOUGHTON <br />COMMISSION NO. 753956 <br />MMISSION EXPIRES <br />�i2pI <br />