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OD CLIVE <br />TO: Board of Adjustment <br />RE: #96-35 Chateaux West Apartments <br />Variance Request <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: <br />Requested Action: <br />Location and size: <br />Land Uses and Zoning: <br />CITY OF <br />LJ <br />STAFF REPORT <br />Public Works • Building & Zoning <br />Parks & Recreation Depts. <br />PREPARED BY: Doug 011endike <br />DATE: July 11, 1996 <br />Eric Sheldahl and Mark Peitzman <br />Variance for Non -Conforming Use <br />Lot 38 of Walnut Creek Heights <br />commonly known as Chateau West <br />Apai lnients, 7675 University <br />Boulevard <br />Location <br />Existing Land Use <br />Land Use Plan Designation <br />(1976 Land Use Plan) <br />Current <br />Zoning <br />Property in <br />Question <br />Chateaux West Apartments <br />Light Industrial District <br />C-2 <br />North <br />Single Family Housing <br />Single Family Residential <br />R-1 <br />South <br />Colby Trust Office/Retail <br />Building <br />General Commercial District <br />C-2 <br />East <br />A-1 Beltman Moving and <br />Storage <br />Light Industrial District <br />C-2 <br />West <br />Advance Duplicating- <br />Single Family Housing <br />Light Industrial District <br />C-2 <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The subject property is currently all of Lot 38 in Walnut Creek Heights, and is owned by Eric Sheldahl <br />and Mark Peitzman. The structure was built in 1968 as a 17 unit apartment building with large 16 unit <br />garage structure. Major renovations were undertaken to repair flood damaged sections of the building <br />in 1986. <br />9289 Swanson Boulevard • Clive, Iowa 50325 • (515) 223-6230 • FAX (515) 223-6013 <br />