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STAFF REPORT <br />CITY OF CLIVE <br />Pub(C Works Dupt. • Building & Zoning Dupt. <br />Park 8 RucrcaIion Dupl. <br />5785 Swenson Bouluverd <br />Cwu, Iowa 50375 <br />(515) 223.02'30 <br />1 --AA (5 b) 223-W13 <br />To: Board of Adjustment Prepared By: Greg Michel <br />Re: Variance Request 7887 Date: April 12, 1993 <br />University Blvd. <br />GENERAL INFORMATION: <br />Applicant: <br />Requested action: <br />Location: <br />Existing land use and zoning: <br />Surrounding land use and zoning: <br />BACKGROUND: <br />Briggs Corporation <br />Variance to allow use of <br />9' by 19' parking stalls <br />7887 University Blvd. <br />Lots 12-16 Fisher Acres & <br />Lot 93 Walnut Creek Heights <br />Briggs printing, office & <br />warehouse facility: C-2 & <br />FF zoning <br />North - Single family; <br />R-2 zoning <br />South - Mixed Industrial: <br />M-1 zoning <br />East - Single family & <br />Clive Small Engine: <br />R-2 & C-2 Zoning <br />West - Commercial: C-2 <br />zoning <br />Briggs Corporation is an existing printing and warehousing <br />facility located at 7887 University Blvd. Recently, Briggs added <br />a large telemarketing area inside their existing facility which <br />eliminated a portion of the warehousing area. With this new <br />office area, Briggs was forced to add additional parking to <br />accommodate the large increase in office personnel. On March 18, <br />1993 Council approved a site plan amendment to allow a new 48 <br />stall parking lot on the north side of the existing building and a <br />24 stall addition on the southeast corner of the site. With the <br />