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PLANNING AND ZONING <br />MEETING MINUTES <br />March 14, 2017 <br />KADING CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AT 5:32 P.M. <br />Clive <br />Community Development <br />1900 NW 114th ST <br />Clive, IA 50325 <br />(515)223-6221 <br />(515)457-3091 Fax <br /> <br />PRESENT: BANNISTER, DIKIS, BRAUER, HAVERMAN, KADING <br />ABSENT: BENJAMIN, HARRINGTON <br />STAFF: PFALTZGRAFF, RIVERA, MC GUIRE <br />Election of officers deferred until more members present. <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY BRAUER, SECONDED BY KADING to approve December 13, 2016 <br />meeting minutes <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS <br />Case #17-17-1001: KinderCare Preliminary Plat and Site Plan <br />The applicant would like to construct a 13,600 square foot childcare center on a two acre site located <br />at NW 152nd ST at Hickman RD. The building will be constructed out of brick, with accents of a <br />stone and cement panels around the entry and sides of the building. The site plan includes a 7,000 <br />sf playground which meets the minimum requirements established by the state. 58 parking stalls are <br />being provided, which meets the minimum requirement. Future widening of the Hickman RD <br />corridor may necessitate a retaining wall and sidewalk reconstruction. <br />The existing detention pond in the northeast comer of the site will be expanded to accommodate all <br />future development and existing Dahl's requirements. If the Dahl's site is improved in future, the <br />site will have to manage all its own detention needs. <br />Staff is accepting of the proposed fence since it is minimal and is isolated from public view, <br />however, commercial fences usually require a higher quality product. The developer stated a <br />decorative fence would not be feasible since small children could get their heads stuck. <br />Council will have to approve the childcare center as an auxiliary use. <br />The plan includes two buildings to be built in the future, but the developer is unsure whether <br />they will be commercial or residential in nature; rezoning would be required for residential use. <br />MOTION WAS MADE BY BRAUER, SECONDED BY BANNISTER to recommend <br />Preliminary Plat approval for Case #17-1001: KinderCare <br />VOTE: YES - UNANIMOUS <br />1 <br />