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RICHARD T. ANDERSON <br />BRENT R. APPEL <br />BARBARA G. BARRETT <br />CHARLES F. BECKER <br />JOHN W. BLYTH <br />HARRY BOOKEY <br />DAVID J. BROWN <br />ELAINE M BROWN <br />L. CALL DICKINSON, JR <br />DICKINSON, THROCKMORTON, PARKER, MANNHEIMER & RAIFE <br />A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION <br />ATTORNEYS AT LAW <br />1600 HUB TOWER <br />DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 <br />CRAIG F GRAZIANO <br />HOWARD 0. HAGEN <br />GAYLA R. HARRISON <br />ROBERT J. HAUS <br />KYLE L. JENNINGS <br />F RICHARD LYFORD <br />JOHN R. MACKAMAN <br />RICHARD A. MALM <br />ROBERT E. MANNHEIMER <br />TELEPHONE (515) 244-2600 <br />TELECOPIER (515) 246-4550 <br />WRITER'S DIRECT LINE <br />(515) 246-4507 <br />February 2, 1989 <br />Mr. Robert Clauss, Chairman, and <br />Members of the Board of Adjustment <br />of Clive, Iowa <br />9289 Swanson Boulevard <br />Clive, Iowa 50322 <br />Dear Chairman Clauss and <br />Members of the Board of Adjustment: <br />ARTHUR F. OWENS <br />JOHN H. RAIFE <br />RUSSELL L SAMSON <br />MARK E. SCHANTZ <br />PHILIP E. STOFFREGEN <br />JON P. SULLIVAN <br />BRUCE J. TOENJES <br />PAUL R. TYLER <br />J. MARC WARD <br />LINDA S. WEINDRUCH <br />OF COUNSEL <br />ADDISON M. PARKER <br />ROBERT B. THROCKMORTON <br />HARRY T WATTS <br />L. CALL DICKINSON <br />11905-19741 <br />As you are aware, Total Petroleum, Inc. has requested certain <br />sign variances for the Vickers station located at 1500 Northwest <br />86th Street in Clive. Due to a misunderstanding as to our <br />client's needs, it is necessary for us to amend the request for <br />variances set forth in our letter of December 21, 1988 in one <br />particular. <br />Total Petroleum, Inc. requests that the signs be permitted to <br />measure 3 feet by 15 feet 11 inches rather than the 3 feet 3 <br />inches by 12 feet previously requested. The additional space is <br />necessary to include an area for pricing information. <br />In all other respects, Total Petroleum seeks the requested <br />variances set forth in its December 21st letter. <br />REM:CFB/at <br />AAAA <br />obert E ` Mannheimer <br />