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ORDINANCE NO. 1030 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CLIVE CITY CODE 2008, BY AMENDING <br />PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO SOLICITORS AND MOBILE FOOD UNITS <br />Be It Enacted by the City Council of the City of Clive, Iowa: <br />SECTION 1. INTERNAL REFERENCES. All references to section numbers in this <br />ordinance shall be to sections contained within Title 4, Chapter 3 (Solicitors and Transient <br />Merchants) of the "Clive City Code 2008" unless otherwise specified. <br />SECTION 2. AMENDMENT. Title 4, Chapter 3 referencing Solicitors and Transient <br />Merchants, is hereby repealed and replaced in full as the new Chapter 3 as follows: <br />CHAPTER 3: SOLITITORS AND MOBILE FOOD UNITS <br />4-3-1: PURPOSE <br />4-3-2: DEFINITIONS <br />4-3-3: SOLICITOR REGULATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS <br />4-3-4: MOBILE FOOD UNITS <br />4-3-5: UNLAWFUL ACTS <br />4-3-6: SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION OF LICENSE <br />4-3-7: PENALTY <br />4-3-1: PURPOSE: <br />The purpose of this chapter is to protect residents against fraud, protect them from intrusion into the privacy of their <br />homes, and to ensure the safety of the residents by licensing and regulating solicitors and mobile food units. <br />4-3-2: DEFINITIONS: <br />APPROVED EVENT: A larger event, such as a farmers market, music festival, or similar activity that has been <br />approved by the city through a public property special event permit, a temporary use permit (on private property) or <br />a block party permit. An approved event would also include events within a City Park with the approval of the <br />Director of Leisure Services or their designee. <br />CATERED EVENT: For the purposes of this title, any event where a business or entity has requested the mobile <br />food unit to provide food for a targeted audience and which the food is served to the customers within a building, <br />structure, or facility and not directly from the mobile food unit, or where the business or entity requesting the service <br />is paying for the food in a single lump sum payment rather than individual patrons paying for their food themselves. <br />CATERING BUSINESS: A business, social or home catering service providing food and incidental services for a <br />social affair, event, or for a private dwelling, which does not engage in the sale of food or beverage to individually <br />paying patrons. <br />MOBILE FOOD UNIT: Any type of annually licensed food establishment that is a readily movable vehicle (on <br />wheels), that is self-propelled (driven), or can be pulled or pushed to a location and used for the vending of food or <br />beverage items to the public. <br />MOBILE FOOD UNIT CLASSIFICATION: The type of mobile food unit based upon the type of menu items being <br />served and preparation and storage requirements for the defined menu items based upon the Iowa Department of <br />Inspections and Appeals Mobile Food Unit Guide. <br />