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APPLICATION NO. 89-6 <br />RE: <br />CITY OF CLIVE <br />8505 MaroaCll Bouluvaro • P.O. Bon 8 • Cling. Iowa 50053 <br />City Hall 223-6220 • Puulic Works Oupi. 223-9230 <br />Poked& Fifa Aarnrmslr>bon 223.9Lu7 <br />Police d Fire Emurpuncias DIAL 911 <br />NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING <br />Request for variance of Clive Zoning Ordinance No. 399, <br />SECTION 16-F, which states a minimum yard of seventy-five <br />(75) feet shall be required for such yards adjacent to or <br />across from any "R" District. <br />•-11 I'I:iilI..!.:i.,,1 for a side -yard setbuoh 1•r -duction <br />.•ii•votrl t y -I' i vi' (7 5) 1'Irt't I o forty (40) feet. <br />along the west inn r,l' I.hI• We,rr'il.ige II property located at • 10331 <br />ILII i'. 4:l'r; i I:.y S irllrlr:: <br />l l •II'I 111:•rl.b\ itol il'ir.rl r, l" ;., piddle hearing that will ho hold by the <br />I I 1 11nn 1'E1 I, I' 'JIi j ii i.III,'ll t. lin Monday, December 18, 1.98 i at i : 00 - P . N . <br />11. <br />111- l'i I y ll,r l l , r.:;;0es Ii:rr'bach Boulevard, Clive, fuwa. <br />lI i . iI t i lu. IFIL fl,,:, r•,I „ t .'.I I•� LI;; t.ment will hear <br />regiir�:, 1 L'I,I III„ IJ I I'i d I'e <br />L rt property: <br />u:• I IIIA \ i l'>: I l\ :'1\ l•Ilrl• I I I �',• r 1 i,w t.,., <br />l llE? variance <br />and d i-:I:•u�s • the <br />t_'ullllll,,,11y known as <br />ix rc',lu,» . t.r'd by <br />